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What is the Past and Future of Online Gaming Tech at Everygame Casino?

The online casino gaming market is still in its infancy.  We recognize that a lot of the people who play here at Everygame Casino don’t fully understand that there was a time in the very recent past when land based casinos were the only game in town!  Even gamers who used to play at land based casinos may not be fully aware of both the changes and developments that have taken place at Everygame Casino and other online casinos over the years and what the future may hold for online casinos.

Table Games

Land based casinos became famous for their table games such as blackjack, baccarat, craps, and roulette even though land based casinos have always had a lot more slots games than table games!  Ironically, it has been the table games that online casinos have found it harder to bring to the online gaming platforms. 

So, the first area of online casino gaming development we would like to talk about is graphics.

Online Graphics Continue to Improve

From the outset, Everygame Casino has looked to integrate every new development and improvement in online gaming graphics.  The graphics in video slots were always a step ahead of the graphics for table games and online gamers have always wanted to play table games as much as slots.

The difficulty the online games providers faced were in several areas.  First, in blackjack, they needed to find the best angle for the games to be played at.  In other words, how much of the player’s hand should the graphics show and how much of the dealer’s hand should it show.

In the early days of online blackjack, some games developers showed a virtual dealer.  By now, this wrinkle has been dropped as players want to see the cards as clearly as possible and don’t care to see a virtual dealer.

Blackjack is such a simple game visually that developers and their clients, the online casinos, have always been concerned that gamers would find online blackjack boring.  So developers experimented with animation and voice.  Animation comes into play on every card dealt and the voice of the dealer is a very important element in the game.


This game also is very difficult to brig to an online platform in an exciting way.   Real Time Gaming, our games provider, has experimented with a few different styles of roulette wheels over the years.  The wheel we use now has a strong wood presence and the numbers are clear and easy to read.  The sound the ball makes as it clangs along the sides of the wheel is also the result of a lot of experimentation.

In partnership with Real Time Gaming, we are still on the lookout for even better graphics for online roulette.

The Future of Online Gaming Graphics

People have always thought that their times were the most advanced times ever and that future improvements would be minimal at best.  We, in the online gaming business, have seen so many improvements in online casino graphics in just the last twenty or so years that we know for sure that the state of graphics today will not be the state of graphics in five or ten years’ time.

So, at Everygame Casino, we commit ourselves to bringing to the casino every improvement in gaming graphics in the fastest possible time.  This will show up in the graphics of table games and especially in the graphics of slots.

Already, in slots we see six reel slots, 3D slots, animated slots, and interactive slots in which you can determine the course of the story by making key decisions along the way.  Graphics will drive the future fun gamers will have playing slots as gamers’ ability to affect the outcome of the story will compete with winning money in the entertainment and fun side of playing slots.

So, online gaming will only get a lot more fun in the future and Everygame Casino will always be in the forefront of graphics, animation, and sound quality to improve the games we offer and to improve the fun you can have gaming!


Welcome Competition in Online Gaming

Because of improvements in online gaming technology, it is now easier than ever to start one’s own online casino.  That means that the veteran online casinos such as Everygame Casino Red have to be better and better at competing with the large and growing online casino market.

One way we can compete with other online casinos is in our massive Welcome Bonus for new players which is a series of four deposit bonuses and one no deposit bonus all together totaling up to $5555!

Everygame Casinoalso runs many slots tournaments which offer fun gaming at little to no cost whatsoever.  Slots tournaments run for a day, a week, or a month and are designed to give gamers the most slots action for the lowest price.  Naturally, the prize money is also small.  This indicates that to a large sector of online casino gamers, the money side is far less important than the fun side and we have long been committed to doing everything we can to help our gamers have the most fun.

Everygame Casino also brings out at least one new slot every month and we run a promotion based on that game.  We can do this because of our partnership with Real Time Gaming.  So, we are also committed to becoming fresh and new to the extent possible every month!

The trend for the future is for new games to come out even more often than once a month.  The future trend is also for newer themes in slots, ever-improving graphics for table games, and more interactive games.  Interactive games keep gamers excited and interested and we see interactivity in gaming as one of the possible wave developments of the next decade!

Technology Allows Tweaking

That means that it is now possible to find out what gamers like and don’t like just by following their behavior during a game.  For example, if players close a slot earlier than we might have expected, we can change the slot to be less volatile.  That means that there will be more winning spins although each winning spin will probably pay out less money.


You will hear this term more in the future for sure.  The term comes from more serious activities and it means trying to turn activities that are not seen as games into games of a sort.  The challenge for online casinos such as Everygame is to turn our games into even more exciting games!

The gamification of games is our biggest challenge going forward and it is the source of our commitment to you our gamers for the future.  We expect our games to keep you entertained and to be even more fun to play as technological improvements take hold.

The future of gaming fun is very bright indeed!