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What Does the Future of Online Casino Gaming Look Like?

One of the most popular Everygame Casino promotions is the no deposit bonus.  This is no ordinary no deposit bonus.  Everygame is happy to be known as the online casino no deposit bonus keep what you win place!  Because we always keep our gamers’ needs in mind when we introduce a new game, change an interface, or run a promotion, we have good reason to believe that the future of online casino promotions is about to become very gamer-friendly!

Here’s why.

The Future of Online Casino Promotions

Online casinos have one very big advantage over land-based casinos in the area of promotions.  That advantage is that gamers stay and play at an online casino for weeks, months, and years.  Not every minute, of course, but often.

Over a period of time, usually a week or a month, an online casino can offer any number of promotions.  Land-based casinos usually get gamblers for two or three days at the most.  So any promotion a land-based casino might run will probably last one or two days.

This is one of the main reasons that land-based casinos have “promotions” that involve free alcohol and free meals.

The future of online casino promotions can be divided into categories:

  • Technology
  • Working from home
  • Increasing affluence
  • More free time
  • Everyone loves a game

By the way, all of these elements apply to many other businesses and industries.  Even land-based casinos are driven by these elements.  The working from home element is a drawback to land-based casinos while it is a big attraction to online casino gaming.

The Future Belongs to Technology

In the gaming world, we find that mobile technology has improved so much so fast that now the majority of online gaming is done on mobile gaming platforms.  Everygame Casino works hard at many aspects of online gaming and constantly looking for ways to improve the mobile gaming platform is one of those ways.

Technology drives almost everything people do so it should come as no surprise that it drives online gaming.  It is so important to the future of every online casino and to online gaming in general that we cannot overestimate its impact on future gaming practices.

Land-based casinos also run heavily on technology.  The slots and video poker banks are all driven by technology.  But land-based casinos still have live and physical games such as roulette, craps, baccarat, bingo, keno, blackjack, and poker.   Land-based casinos try to market themselves to gamblers who like the live experience so online casinos have to try to woo these gamers and the number one way of doing so is through always being at the cutting edge of new technology.


Working from Home

Even before the lock downs brought about by the pandemic of 2020, there was some push for many people to work from home.  Literally millions if people have been working full-time from home during the lock down.  Many report that they are actually more efficient when they work from home.

They don’t have the long, tiring commutes to and from the office.  They don’t have all of the distractions that obtain in an office environment.  Smokers can smoke at their work station without losing precious minutes several times every day when they go out for a smoke.

People don’t have to take a long break for meals.  They can eat several small meals at their work station and don’t need to sit down to a formal meal.  At work, everyone needs a break to stretch their legs or just to clear their minds.  People have discovered that working from home means that they can cook during these short breaks, do some housework, do the laundry, even go out into the garden for a short time.  In other words, working from home means that people are a lot less tired at 6:00 or 7:00 in the evening and can enjoy going out with friends, even during the week.

Taking a break and going out into the garden with one’s mobile device and playing casino games for a few minutes also serves and will continue to serve the needs for enjoying a relaxing interlude while working at home.

The lock downs may have prevented people from going out per an evening but many people saw how much more awake and alert they were simply because they multi-tasked while “at work”.

The people who worked on computers also saw that they could still work during the lock downs.  This is another incentive to young people to train for the types of jobs that they can easily transfer to home in the event of a future lock down.

Increasing Affluence

Here online casinos are in direct competition with every other way people might spend their increased disposable income.  Here is one of the ways online casinos can and do convince many gamers to play at their online casino.

In order to go to a land-based casino a player has to leave his or her home.  Online casinos correctly are explaining to many people who used to go almost exclusively to land-based casinos that the moment they leave their homes, the land-based casino is in direct competition with thousands of other tourist and vacation destinations and attractions.

Why go to a land-based casino if you can play online and then have a real vacation.  One year in Europe, one year at a safari which is usually associated with South Africa but is available even in Central America in Costa Rica for example, one year in Egypt seeing the pyramids and the amazing city of Cairo, one year in Canada seeing Montreal or the wonderful Canadian Rockies, and one year in the United Sates with hundreds of state and national parks to go along with fantastic cities.

You get the idea!

More Free Time

People used to work all day hunting and gathering.  Farmers worked very long hours as well.  Who can forget the scene in the movie Witness when, at 4:00 in the morning, the Amish farmer woke up the policeman he was helping recover so that he could help with the morning milking?

Farmers had very little free time.  Urban professionals and people who can work from home have a lot of free time, far more than their parents or grandparents had.  Free time means that people will look for fun things to do such as playing games because…

Everyone Loves a Game

It is fascinating that new games come out every year and that there are people whose job it is to play these games, review and rate them, and to declare one of them the Game of the Year.

Online casino gaming is simply one game among hundreds that people can enjoy.  One advantage that online gaming has over board games is that you can play alone.  Another advantage that online casino games have over most board games is that you can play the games curled up on the sofa or in bed with your spouse or significant other!

Sure, you can play chess or checkers with your partner but you can’t play these games all curled up together!

The Future is Now and Forever

In one of Simon Sinek's YouTube talks he states that there are two types of games: finite games and infinite games.  Online casino gaming is an infinite game because it really never ends. 

Gamers need to get back to work, to sleep and eat, but the games are forever.  The only thing that can cause online casino gaming to end is if the casinos fail to embrace the future and thus fall behind future trends in technology and life style.

Everygame Casino Red tries mightily to stay at the forefront of all future trends and life style changes.  We know that our gamers benefit from our continued attention to the future.