Zombie Zed

So you’ve seen how this gruesome tale starts out in Part 1 of the Zombie Zed Diaries… Aren't you hungry for more? The story certainly doesn’t end there. It gets more chaotic (and rewarding) as his Halloween journey continues… For bloody bonuses.

After meeting the witches Winni and Wanda from Bubble Bubble 2, Zombie Zed continues his search for wins and the best casino bonuses you can find within his dark retreats. This time around, it has led him to an unexpected party. Check out his latest diary entry and find out what casino bonuses Zombie Zed will bring to you… If you dare!

Bone-shaking Fun!

I’m still hungry. I need more wins and bonuses - I can’t go back to my grave until I’m completely satisfied! Well, I did score some great wins on the Bubble Bubble 2 online slot and I, Zombie. And I also got a really nice bonus on Witch’s Brew. But that’s simply not enough.

Wait a minute - what is this that I smell? Oh yes, my nose is never wrong when it comes to wins. This smell is coming again from Everygame Casino, where all of the very best wins present themselves. I follow the trail through the graveyard and here I am. And it looks like a Witch Rave this time. Well, since I’m here already, might as well join in on the fun. After all, I smell plenty of wins in here - and, just as I told you all before, I’m never wrong when it comes to my senses! The living dead are more intuitive than you’d think.

This party is just what I needed. We have some tasty brains, eyeballs, bats - all kinds of delicacies you can imagine! My good friends are all here - mummies, vampires, werewolves and zombies. And here is the one I had been looking for - the one and only Winni the Witch! Her sister Wanda isn’t here this time, which means that the smell of wins is coming from Bubble Bubble. This game has everything you could ask from a Halloween online slot - skulls, spiders, cats, candles and, of course, lots of prizes. Bubble Bubble pays up to 2,000x your bet and offers up to 20 free games, an offer I simply won’t refuse.

Now, it’s time for the next one. That’s the unmistakable smell of goblin’s blood - mixed with the sweet smell of more wins! My friend from Witch’s Brew is also here. As I take a sip from this delicious goblin blood cocktail, let me tell you a bit about this generous online slot, albeit gruesome. In case you missed out on my previous diary entry, Witch’s Brew is a scaringly great game. After all, where else can you win up to 125 free games?

But I'm not done winning yet. I can tell that the three witches from Witchy Wins are brewing up something really special! Their secret formula has some very good results. What do you say about a slot that pays up to 10,000x your bet? Did that send chills down your spine?

Now, what do we have here? My eyes may be rotten, but they are as good as any when it comes to spotting a bonus offer! The one and only Count Spectacular has a very special offer for those of you reading my second diary entry:

He will reward my readers with 15 free spins on Count Spectacular! Simply enter coupon BLOGCOUNT and claim this exclusive offer.*

Let me tell you a little secret about my blood sucking friend Count Spectacular. His slot has two jackpots that are triggered at random following any spin - which means even more chances of winning, the more you play. It also has a special bonus spins feature which offers either 12 free spins with triple prizes or 4 free spins with a guaranteed wild on reels 1 and 5! And, better yet, the choice is all yours!

I bet you thought we were done already - but far from it. Make sure to check your emails for more blood-chilling bonuses!

That was one hell of a party. But I have to say - I’m not completely satisfied yet. I need more - wins, bonuses and games! Do not miss out on my next diary entry with more offers straight from the crypt.


* The bonus offer is valid until October 25th, 2020
* The free spins are only valid for Count Spectacular.
* Any winnings from the free spins are subject to a playthrough of 60x.
* Max. cashout for the free spins is USD 200.
* Please note: Terms and Conditions apply.