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Show your casino love at Everygame this Valentine’s Day! Check out our blog to learn more about this day and take a look at the best casino games for the occasion.

Love is in the air at Everygame Casino! Valentine’s Day is coming up, and we are obviously ready to celebrate. While this day is commonly associated with romantic love, Valentine’s is about all sorts of love. And this is why we are taking the chance to celebrate the vibe of Casino Love. Show all the love to your favorite games, or maybe check out some different ones. Again, this is all about showing some casino love. Let’s get ready for Valentine’s Day at Everygame Casino.

Valentine’s Day History and Traditions

Love is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about Valentine’s Day, right? But that wasn’t always the case. This celebration dates all the way back to the 5th century. Valentine’s Day was first established to honor Saint Valentine of Rome, who died on February 14th back in the 3rd century.

For a long time, Saint Valentine remained a religious occasion, with no relation to romance whatsoever. So how exactly did it become the official date to celebrate romantic love? Well, that’s a very good question, as there isn’t an actual explanation. One theory suggests that it might have been influenced by an Ancient Roman festival, Lupercalia, which was celebrated between February 13th and 15th. However, Lupercalia had nothing to do with love and was not related to Valentine’s Day celebrations in any way, other than coincidentally sharing the same date.

The most common explanation for modern Valentine’s celebrations dates back to the 13th and 14th centuries. As Spring approached, February 14 would occasionally mark the start of the birds’ mating season. Inspired by their feathered friends, some poets soon turned Valentine’s into a special day for lovers.

Fast forward a few centuries and Valentine’s Day is universally known as the lover’s day. Over time, new traditions were established to celebrate on February 14. Valentine’s gifts date back to the 18th century in the UK. Of course, we can’t really talk about this day without mentioning chocolate - but sweets are far from being the only option. In 2020, Valentine’s sales set a new record in the US with an impressive $27.4 billion - a significant increase compared to the $21.9 billion spent in 2019.

But Valentine’s gifts aren’t limited to your significant other. You can also show some appreciation to your family and friends. Valentine’s Day cards are still a fairly popular choice, especially among kids. Exchanging friendship chocolate is also relatively common. Why not show yourself some love as well?

Valentine’s Day Games to Show Your Casino Love

February 14 is about all kinds of love - including casino love. Everygame has the perfect games selection to match this special occasion. We have two suggestions that are certain to make your day even sweeter!

Sweet 16 is the perfect slot for the occasion. Grab your favorite candies and enjoy some sweet wins as well. Sweet 16 pays up to 10x your bet, but that’s far from being its tastiest feature. How about winning twice on the same spin? That’s right - Sweet 16 has the exclusive morphing symbols feature. After the winning combination is paid out, the symbols will transform into different ones, which means that you can land on a second winning combination right away! This will continue until you stop landing on winning combinations, making for a sweet haul of Valentine’s prizes.

How about we close it out with some additional cuteness? Purrfect Pets is simply the fluffiest slot you will ever see. While these cuddly animals will definitely grab your attention, this is far from being Purrfect Pets’ only draw. You will definitely fall in love with its three exclusive features. Land on three or more scatter dogs to trigger the Doggy Dollars feature, which offers 10 free spins with doubled prizes. If three or more cat wild symbols show up, then you will trigger the Wild Cat feature for free games with tripled prizes. Finally, you can trigger the Dog vs Cat feature - which leads to Random Riches. In this feature, you can win doubled regular prizes or a 6x prize on any winning combination with a wild symbol.

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