Crack the Safe

The biggest heist is about to go down at Everygame Casino! Check out our blog and learn more about our $150,000 Crack the Safe promotion.

It seems that you did get our memo, after all. You’ve been called here because of your unique skill set, which is definitely going to come in hand for our mission. This is the biggest heist in Everygame Casino history - with a huge haul of bonuses! Can you help us Crack the Safe and grab your part of $150,000 in giveaways? Let us warn you first: our plan is quite ambitious. Are you up to the task?

Step 1: Planning the Ultimate Casino Heist

Now that you’ve been briefed on the plan, let’s take a look at some of the most notorious bank heists in US history. The United California Bank robbery of 1972 holds the record for the biggest value. Orchestrated by Amil Dinsio with the help of his brother, two nephews and brother-in-law, the burglary itself was perfectly executed. The group managed to walk away with nearly $9 million in assets (equivalent to $55 million in 2020). However, a dishwasher containing their fingerprints turned out to be the decisive evidence that led to the group’s arrest.

On September 12, 1997, a group of six childhood friends robbed a record $18.9 million in cash from the Dunbar Armored facility in Los Angeles. Allan Pace III, a former Dunbar employee, was the mastermind and came as close as it gets to pulling off the perfect crime. Despite leaving almost no evidence at the scene and lying low for six months after the crime, the gang still got caught.

In 1999, Eugene Lamar Hill, gave a stack of cash still bound together with the currency straps from the crime scene. The police then zeroed in on him and eventually found out that Hill had rented a U-Haul truck on the same day as the heist. It matched the only piece of evidence found at the crime scene - a U-Haul truck tail light cover. Hill eventually confessed, naming the other five gang members.

Next, it’s time to take a look at the folks who will help our plan. The bandits from Cash Bandits 2 are back to help. These guys are absolute pros when it comes to cracking vaults! Cash Bandits 2 has the exclusive Vault Feature, which offers you up to 8 chances to crack a number of vaults, each one with a unique combination. If you succeed on the mission, the game rewards you with 5 to 100 free spins and prize multipliers from 2x to 5x! The bandits make a return in Cash Bandits 3 as well. This game has an improved Vault Feature. Successfully crack the vaults to win up to 390 free spins and a prize multiplier up to 23x!

Last but not least comes our mascot, Coyote Cash. Don’t be deceived by the looks - this little fellow is also an expert when it comes to heists! Win up to 10,000x your stake, plus 20 free spins with 4x prize multipliers. We really did assemble an all-star team for this heist, so let’s get on with the plan!

Crack the Safe - Play now

Step 2: Cracking the Safe

It looks like we have made our way into the safe. Now comes the most important part of the plan. We must get it done between February 1st and March 8th. Everygame’ Crack the Safe casino promotion has $150,000 in total giveaways up for grabs!

In order to claim your part, remember to deposit first. That’s rather simple. All you need to do is qualify by making a deposit of at least $75. Next come the points. Accumulate 1 point for every $100 wagered on a single game of your choice. If you manage to place inside the top 300 players for the week, you will be eligible for prizes of up to $500 on Monday. Don’t worry about the evidence: the rank resets every week, so there is always another chance even if you come out empty-handed.

There is more where that came from. Deposit and play a minimum of $25 between Monday and Wednesday and earn a chance at a draw on Thursday. A total of 50 players will be rewarded with bonuses up to $150. Make sure to check your emails every Monday and Thursday to find out if you won.

Finally, we have the big sack of gold. Our successful heist has one draw for the top 20 weekly players. One of you will walk away with a massive haul of $1,000 in cash! Want to take part in the most successful heist in Everygame Casino history? Don’t miss out on this month long offer!

Crack the Safe at Everygame Casino - start with coupon SAFE1 and enjoy a 100% up to $500 bonus. Afterwards redeem coupon SAFE2 to get 50 free spins on Cash Bandits 3.*


* The bonus offers are valid until February 28th, 2021
* The minimum deposit amount to qualify for the 100% bonus is USD 20. The maximum bonus amount is USD 500.
* The offers must be redeemed in consecutive order.
* Free spins are only valid for Cash Bandits 3.
* Any winnings from the free spins are subject to a playthrough of 60x.
* Standard wagering requirements apply for the deposit bonus.
* Please note: Terms and Conditions apply.