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Winderella is the kindest, sweetest and also the luckiest lady in the Everygame kingdom. For that very reason, she is the envy of her two stepsisters and evil stepmother...

One day, Winderella is visited by her fairy godmother, who casts a spell on the young beauty and grants her endless funds! However, Winderella must claim and use the Fairytale casino promotion bonus before the clock hits midnight - when the fairy godmother’s magic will run out. Playing to her heart’s content, Winderella forgets about the clock and leaves the casino just before midnight. However, in her rush, the young lady leaves behind a glass slipper containing a bonus, which is waiting to be claimed at the end of this post - the first of three in our Fairytale promo!

Cinderella Through the Ages

Few fairy tales are as famous and popular as Cinderella. The story of the beautiful and kind girl mistreated by the evil stepmother and stepsisters has been passed down through the centuries. But did you know that Cinderella’s story goes all the way back to ancient Greece? Rhodopis (rose-cheeks) is the first known version of the tale.

In this story, Rhodopis, a beautiful Greek courtesan, is forced into doing the other servant’s tasks. One day, an eagle suddenly snatches one of Rhodopis’ sandals and flies far away, dropping it right in front of the Pharaoh in the Egyptian city of Memphis. Believing that it was a sign, the Pharaoh orders all women in the kingdom to try on the sandal, until it finally fits perfectly into Rhodopis’ feet. The two marry and live happily ever after.

Tales of rags to riches featuring a young lady as the protagonist remained popular, and Rhodopis’ story gained numerous different versions in Europe and Asia. There are some notable differences compared to the modern Cinderella tale, the most notable one being the fairy godmother’s absence. In most versions, Cinderella is helped by the ghost of her deceased mother, talking animals or magic trees.

The Cinderella story we know is often attributed to French writer Charles Perrault, who wrote Cendrillon ou la petite pantoufle de verre in 1697. Perrault was the one responsible for adding some iconic details to Cinderella’s tale, including the fairy godmother, the pumpkin carriage and the famous glass slippers.

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Winderella left the casino in a rush, just before the clock struck midnight. However, she did leave behind a glass slipper containing a bonus.

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