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Our Fairytale casino bonus promotion continues with another story. Legends tell of a beautiful castle in Everygame kingdom, full of prizes and bonuses.

However, the castle’s owner has never been seen. One day, a bankrupt merchant arrives at the castle seeking shelter from a storm. He receives a very warm welcome, which includes a table laden with the best food and the finest wine in the kingdom. After staying the night, the merchant decides to leave. But on the way out, he spots a mysterious room. Curiosity gets the best of him, and the merchant decides to check it. Much to his surprise, the room is filled with casino bonuses! The man takes one of the bonuses with him, intent on giving it to his daughter, Beauty. He is, however, stopped by a vicious-looking beastman - who turns out to be the castle's owner.

The two strike a deal: Beast spares the merchant’s life, but in return, he must bring Beauty to the castle. Reluctantly, the merchant agrees and brings Beauty to the Beast’s castle. Much to her surprise, the young lady is treated to a life of luxury, full of casino bonuses, huge prizes and big wins! And Beast’s most prized possession, a shining bonus, is waiting for you at the end of this post!

The Beauty and the Beast Fairy tale

The original Beauty and the Beast story, La Belle et la Bête, was written by French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve in 1740. In the fairy tale, a rich city merchant loses all his wealth when a storm wipes out his entire merchant fleet. With nothing left, the man and his 12 kids, six sons and six daughters move to the countryside. The youngest daughter is the prettiest and kindest of the 12, fittingly named Beauty.

One day, the merchant receives news that a sole ship from his fleet managed to survive the storm. He makes it to the port with hopes of recovering a small part of his fortune, only to learn that both the cargo and the ship had already been seized by the authorities. Devastated, the merchant goes back to the family’s house. On the way, he is caught by a sudden rainshower and seeks shelter inside what looks like an abandoned castle.

Much to the man’s surprise, he finds a table laden with food and drinks, along with a note telling him to eat and drink. The merchant leaves the following morning but decides to take a rose from the castle’s garden as a gift to Beauty. He is stopped by Beast, who is then revealed to be the castle’s owner. Beast agrees to spare the man, as long as he brings Beauty to the castle.

Beauty and the Beast then start living together in the castle. But when Beauty leaves to visit her family, Beast falls terribly ill. Warned by a premonition, Beauty makes it back to the castle in time to save the beastman. In one final twist, Beast transforms into a beautiful prince, one who had visited Beauty in her dreams countless times before. The two marry and live happily ever after.

The Beauty and the Beast have two other famous versions. One was written by another 18th-century French novelist, Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont. The third and more recent version, from the late 19th century, was written by Scottish poet Andrew Lang. Both versions are shorter than the original one but overall very close to Villeneuve’s, featuring only one or two minor changes.

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One More Fairytale Casino Bonus

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The Fairytale casino bonuses continue in our third and final promo post. Keep an eye on the Everygame blog for the last tale!


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