What do beers, pretzel and bonuses have in common? All of these can be found at Everygame Casino now, for Oktoberfest! Get in on the $150,000 up for grabs… After a few mugs of beer, of course! Prost!

It’s official; the months of summer are coming to an end, and while that can seem depressing, we’re here with a helpful reminder… It’s soon to be Oktoberfest! Nothing like beer and pretzel to lift your spirits! For many of us, the month of September means getting kids back to school and likely, us getting back to our usual work schedules, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have time for one last bonus blowout, before Old Man Winter takes over. Join us today on the Everygame blog to learn a little bit about the history of Oktoberfest, some of the wildest Oktoberfest facts, and, of course, the $150,000 in Oktoberfest casino bonuses! Prost!

A Bit of History & Fun Facts about Oktoberfest

This year celebrated between September 22nd and October 7th, the festivities originated in Munich, Germany, dating all the way back to 1810! Originally a royal affair, the late King Ludwig I married Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on October 12th, where the citizens of Munich were then invited for a grand celebration. Horse races were the main event in these beginning years, where agriculture was introduced soon after, as a way to boost this economy in Bavaria. Fast forward some decades to 1896, when the modest beer stands grew to extravagant tents, and that is very representative of the celebrations we enjoy today! As they say, no one makes beer quite like the Germans do!

Given that the festival started in the Bavarian region of Germany, did you know that during the official Munich Oktoberfest, you can only buy and consume beer made in Bavaria? They don’t mess around with their traditions! Three simple ingredients, water, barley and hops, is all you need for this mastered craft beer. Another fun fact that may give you a laugh, is that the Adidas sport and shoe brand actually released a limited edition vomit-proof sneaker for the events in 2017, as you can imagine, many toss their cookies after a few too many. Before you go searching, yes, they’re long sold out!

With one beer costing you a hefty $11, you’d be advised to bring in your own beer between 10 am and 10:30 pm, if you happen to make the journey overseas!

Oktoberfest - Play now

Chug a Beer, Score Oktoberfest Bonuses!

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Last, but certainly not least, there’s one more exciting cash prize for one lucky player. At the end of our Oktoberfest Beer and Bonus extravaganza, we’ll give away $1,000 in cash! Based on the points given on the leaderboard, those in the weekly top 20 will qualify for this cash prize, decided by a final draw. Not only can you enjoy one of the most beloved beverages, but you can enjoy extra cash, too.

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