Fairy Fortune

Celebrate your inner magic by enjoying the enchanting elements of our Fairy Fortune promotion. Who knows? Your fairy powers might make you lucky enough to win your share of the $30,000 in weekly giveaways at Everygame Casino!

Spring is here and we’d like to celebrate it with you by honoring the fairy magic within all of us. It’s time to connect with nature and bloom once again now that the cold is behind us. Our Fairy Fortune promotion will surely get you into the celebratory spirit! You have from March 4th through to April 29th to enjoy these fantastical bonuses and show the world that you have not lost your magic touch! Let’s charm your way through forest and woodlands with our spectacular Everygame Casino games and prepare to lose yourself in a world filled with beauty and wonder. Don’t miss out on this adventure, especially because you can play from anywhere you’d like - just pick up your mobile and enjoy!

Fairies, Spring, and a Whole Lotta Fortune!

Fairies are species of supernatural beings or nature spirits, that are adored by all. Fairies are considered to be some of the most beautiful and important personas of mythological realm and human belief in them has stood the test of time. We all remember reading folklore or watching movies that featured fairies as a kid, whether it was Peter Pan, Cinderella, or Sleeping Beauty! And of course, we all remember getting a visit from the beloved Tooth Fairy! Did you know that fairies love shiny things? They are creatures that find magic and beauty in objects that we humans tend to find boring and mundane and curiously enough, they don’t like human money. They find it dull and of no use, which is why they like to give it away in exchange for your teeth!

Fairies have been celebrated for centuries and our guess is, they’ll continue to be for many more years to come! This is why we’d like to honor these tiny yet powerful powerhouses during their season, Spring.

Spring is a season filled with hope, color, joy, and excitement and it’s only suitable we use this time to celebrate nature’s magic. It’s time to let out your whimsical and childlike side, just like the fairies and put your powers to good use! Did you know that fairies were known as "fays" or "fées" in the British Isles and all along Europe? They were often thought to be invisible to the human eye, but that’s because they are believed to be much smaller in stature than humans. It was also believed that they could be helpful to humans, and are even said to bring good luck! We suggest testing that theory out by playing your luck with our Fairy Fortune casino promotion.

We want you to party like a fairy as you prepare for potentially big wins, because we all know that the spring season brings new opportunities. Read on for the details about this magical offer!

Fairy Fortune - Play now

With Fairies Comes Great Fortune!

It’s no secret that fairies are the luckiest of the mythological creatures, which is exactly why you should use this opportunity and play all our fairy games! Our marvelous Fairy Fortune promotion is jam packed with chances to make magic. But wait, there’s more. Every Monday we reveal the prizes that go to our top 300 players - earn bonuses of up to $500! Remember, the more you play, the more points you earn, the bigger your prize could be each week. Deposit at least $75 in order to qualify.

Plus, enjoy extra prizes found in our Thursday draw! Deposit $25 between Monday and Wednesday of every week, so you can qualify for a Thursday bonus via email! This is an epic opportunity you won’t want to miss, every week offers you a chance at $30,000 worth of giveaways. In addition a $1,000 cash prize will be awarded to a lucky player who placed among our top 20 weekly players! Sounds like a real reason to believe in fairy fortune!

Spring Fever is here and we suggest you play it up! Whether you're feeling in the mood to frolic around magical gardens and want to play our Enchanted Garden and Enchanted Garden II slot games, or are in the mood to try your fairy wand on for size with RTG’s Stardust slot, there is enough magical fun for everyone. Pick your game and join the springtime party!

Get into the magical mood and take advantage of the fantastical Fairy Fortune promotion. Make sure to check your email for more bonus details!