Earth Day

Earth Day was celebrated for the first time in 1970. It has since turned into a worldwide event to remind us about the importance of environmental policy. We are now faced with another global crisis, which more than ever is forcing us to bring out our best. In order to help you stay at home, Everygame Casino has a special Earth Day bonus ready to go. You don’t need to go out - just play from the comfort of your home and help the planet while you’re at it!

Quite ironically, the planet has benefited from the coronavirus pandemic. That’s right - recent studies show that the lockdowns around the world delivered some positive results. As more and more people stay indoors, it consequently leads to a drop in CO2 and NO emissions. It then leads to an improvement in the air quality. Scientists first observed these changes in China, and the trend continues as other countries adopt similar measures to stop the virus from spreading.

The lockdowns have also led to a significant reduction in domestic flights, coal consumption and steel production. All these activities negatively impact air quality, so this momentary drop provides some relief. Of course, these changes could lead to a bad rebound when the world returns to normal. Earth Day is a good chance to look at the positive impact of these changes. While we are all together in this same boat, perhaps this is a great opportunity to work on new solutions for the environmental problems.

As bad as the current situation is, it has also brought forward heartwarming displays of solidarity and compassion. When humanity puts its collective mind into a goal - that’s when we are at our best. Let’s hope this Earth Day brings out the best in us!

Earth Day - Play now

Best Online Slots to Celebrate Earth Day

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The best part of it all? You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy these fascinating online slots!

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