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What are the Benefits of Emphasizing Fun?

Welcome back to another of our many articles on the importance of having fun at Everygame EU.  You might ask: Why does Everygame Casino spend so much time talking about fun?  Well, the answer is that we believe deeply that our mission includes helping gamers emphasize the fun side of online casino gaming as opposed to the get rich quick side of gaming.

So, here goes an article on the benefits of emphasizing fun.

What is Fun?

We don’t want to get overly philosophical so we will give a very simple definition of fun: Fun is anything that puts a smile on your face!  We can’t see you when you play our more than 300 casino games but we can imagine that you are having a great time and therefore you have a big smile on your face that will stay there even after you finish a gaming session and get back to your work project.

Can you see, as a starting point, that if you get settled in to work on your work project with a smile on your face, that you will enjoy the work more and that you might actually be a bit more productive than if you came to the project with a frown on your face?

I’m Sold on the Benefits of Fun

We thought that you would be!  So now let’s explore this fun thing and look at how to “get down” with the fun side of online casino gaming!

We will naturally compare the fun side of online casino gaming with the often not fun side of gaming at a land-based casino.  This is an obvious comparison and in many ways we feel that online gaming especially at Everygame Casino is much more conducive to gamers emphasizing the fun side instead of the get rich quick side of casino gaming.

How Much Does it Cost to Play?

If you play at Everygame Casino, your “cost” is all about your bankroll.  So the fun side of gaming will involve managing your bankroll to make gaming more fun.  We will talk about this is just a moment.

First, let’s take a close look at the cost of playing at a land-based casino.  The bankroll side of the ledger might be the same at both a land-based and at an online casino.  But the “cost” of spinning the first spin at slots, playing the first hand at video poker  or blackjack, or choosing the numbers you like in keno is a lot higher at a land-based casino than at Everygame Casino.

At Everygame, the cost of starting out is the cost of the wear and tear on you shoes as you walk from the kitchen to your comfortable sofa!  At a land-based casino, the initial cost can easily run into the hundreds of dollars.  Okay, at home you can’t see a simulation of a volcano exploding.  However, if an exploding volcano was a stage show, would you pay $500 for a ticket?

We thinks not!


The Fun Side of Casino Gaming is Connected to the Length of Time You Spend Gaming

Here at Everygame we feel that being able to play every day for a short time is a better and more fun way to play than to pay for dozens of hours over a three day period perhaps twice a year.  If casino gaming is fun, wouldn’t it be better to play often instead of playing once in a long while?

The fact is that a lot of gamers who like land-based casinos also play at online casinos.  This has become especially true during the present corona virus health crisis. 

Players at Everygame Casino can easily schedule short gaming sessions since they know that the casino will still be there tomorrow.  Players at Everygame Casino Red also know that the casino “goes” with them when they are registered to play at our excellent mobile gaming platform!

Mobile gaming is another great way to limit gaming time length and increase gaming sessions!

At Everygame it is Easy to Control the Size of Your Bets

If at any time you feel that you have started to make unrealistically high bets, you can simply close the session.  This is a lot harder to do at a land-based casino since gamers are going to be there for a couple of days in any case! 

The ability to play for short periods of time and for many sessions makes it easier to control the size of your bets!  Let’s say that you would like to win a million dollars in a progressive jackpot.  At a land-based casino, many players spend hours pouring money into the slot.  At an online casino, it is a lot easier to limit your pursuit of the pot of gold big jackpot to, say, ten spins a day since tomorrow will also come!

A lot of players at land-based casinos play “until I break even”.  This leads to players making larger bets, to more losses, and inevitably decreases fun!  Playing within your means with the knowledge that the games will be there for you tomorrow or the next day keeps you straight with your bankroll and increases the fun side of gaming!

Responsible Gaming

A lot of what we have said up to now can be categorized as tips towards responsible gaming.  At Everygame, we have a relationship with all of our gamers since you come back to us often and we keep a record of all of your bets and the outcomes of all of your games.  We do this to protect both you and us from any possible misunderstandings.

Land-based casinos do not have such close relationships with their players since most players come once or twice a year at the most. 

Therefore, if we see a dramatic change in a gamer’s betting behavior, we will take it upon ourselves to inquire as to the reason for the change in activity.  Land-based casinos might have a player who bets the mortgage and they don’t have any idea that it is happening!

In this way, we do everything we can to emphasize fun!

Online Gaming is a Great way to Reduce Stress

A lot of gamers need just a few minutes playing a game to calm down after a stressful day!  Online casino gaming is a great way to invest a short period of time to winding down!  We even offer unlimited free play since the goal is fun!

Everygame Offers Games of Chance and Games of Skill

We speak about this often and it bears repeating often.  At Everygame Casino Red, gamers can move from game to game at their pleasure!  So, many gamers play some slots and then go to a game of skill such as blackjack or video poker.  Some gamers play the Caribbean poker variations with the side bets for a few minutes and then play a light-hearted slot like Cubee!

This is just so much easier to do at an online casino than at a land-based casino where players are often literally rooted to a single terminal!

Everygame Casino Offers Giant Bonuses

We start new gamers off with a massive Welcome Package that can be worth as much as $5555!  The bonuses continue from there!  We feel that free money adds to the fun of gaming a lot more than free alcohol does!

So, join Everygame Casino NOW and get in on the fun side of casino gaming!