Caribbean Hold'em Poker

Caribbean Hold'em Poker

Caribbean Hold'em Poker at Everygame Casino is in general like Texas Hold'em, but with a twist. The basics of Hold'em are all here in that you're dealt two cards and can use five community cards to put together your best-possible hand.

To an extent, the better your hand is, the greater the potential for you to win. But crucially, and similar to Blackjack, it's good enough if you just beat the Dealer, irrespective of it being a great hand or not.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker

Step up to the Caribbean Stud Poker table at Everygame Casino to enjoy some relaxing island cards in this five-card poker game, as well as the chance to win the mighty progressive jackpot.

Set on a slick and chilled-out table, you'll see all of the familiar areas for the Caribbean Stud Poker table, with the ante and raise sections, the table rule of 'Dealer only plays with Ace/King or better', as well as the added betting area for a chance to be in with a chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

What's Caribbean Poker?  Read on.....

The two super-fun Caribbean games we offer here at Everygame—Caribbean Hold’em and Caribbean Stud—bring out one simple question: Why are these games called Caribbean?  You might think that the answer would be simple but it isn’t.

We do know pretty much that the beautiful and picturesque island of Aruba in—you guessed it: the Caribbean—played a lot in the development of Caribbean Stud Poker.

We don’t know for sure.  Some say that the game itself was developed in Aruba.  Some say it began on a cruise ship that docked at Aruba.  The third theory is that people began playing the game at a luxury resort in Aruba and spread quickly to other luxury resorts in the Caribbean.

Caribbean Hold’em probably had a similar beginning.  With all of this strange uncertainty as to the origins of Caribbean Poker variations, you might think that they have a history that dates back many centuries.  The fact is that both of our featured Caribbean games barely date back a few decades!

We do know that the games spread quickly within the luxury hotel community in the Caribbean sometime in the distant past we now call the 1990’s!  Obviously, the luxury hotels in the Caribbean share many things in common—including variations of poker!

How Do We Play the Caribbean Games?

The biggest thing you need to know about the Caribbean games we offer is that you play against the dealer.  That means that there is no bluffing in these games!  Imagine yourself on a luxury cruise or in a luxury hotel and all you want is to play poker for the sheer fun of it. 

You might say that it is a shame to disturb the luxury of your stay by trying to figure out opponents’ bluffs!

Caribbean Hold’em

The way we play Caribbean Hold’em is both very similar to Texas Hold’em and different in important ways.  Remember, Texas Hold’em is called Texas because it is a modern shoot-em-up type of poker and where else would that start other than Texas?

Caribbean Hold’em is a lot more gentle.  You ante and then decide if you want to continue.  That’s pretty much it!  You can even play Caribbean Hold’em while you sip on a rum-based drink; the game doesn’t present a lot of taxing decisions.

There isn’t any math in Caribbean Hold’em so sip away at that delicious drink! 

You get two cards face up and the dealer gets two cards face down.  Then the dealer lays out the flop: three community cards.  Now you look.  If you want to continue, you make another bet equal to your ante bet.  If you fold, you lose the ante bet.

If you decide to continue, the dealer deals the final two cards.  In order for you to win both bets, the dealer has to qualify with at least a pair of fours and you have to beat that hand.

Caribbean Stud

In this version, the dealer gives you five cards face up.  The dealer herself gets four cards face down and one card face up.  That up card in the dealer’s hand may affect your strategy so pay close attention to it!

The dealer needs at least an ace/king combo to qualify.  If you want to continue, you need to make a second bet that is equal to your initial bet.  If you think the dealer will qualify and has you beat, you should fold at this point.

But you can still save your first bet if the dealer doesn’t qualify.  So, if the dealer has a 2 all the way up to a Queen showing, it might make sense to raise simply to protect your first bet!  It’s not as complicated as poker against real opponents but it is still poker!

When you win in Caribbean Stud, you win according to a specific pay scale.  That’s good because you win quite a bit for having a very strong hand!

We also offer a progressive jackpot for a side bet of just one dollar.  If you get a strong hand and you made the side bet, you’ll be buying rum-based drinks for everyone!

So have we whet your appetite for a little Caribbean flavor?  Go for it and have fun!