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How Online Casino Games Help People Improve their Work Performance

Everyone loves to play games.  There are entire stores devoted to games and toys.  In spite of all this, some people still think that playing games is frivolous.  Fortunately, most people, even the banker in the classic movie Mary Poppins, are coming around to understand the importance of playing.  Playing online games is simply one form of playing.

Both Games of Chance and Games of Skill Help Improve Work Performance

We at Everygame Casino have seen a big increase in online casino gaming in the last ten years or so.  This year, online gaming has boomed because of the virus shutdowns. 

A lot of people love to play at our online casino.  Most people still divide our games into games of chance and games of skill.  This article will present the case that playing online casino games of both chance and skill is good for helping people improve their work performance.

Slots are the Ultimate Games of Chance

We carry about 200 slotsRoulette and craps are also games of chance but they are less popular than slots.  So, let’s talk about how slots can help you improve your work performance.

  1. Slots are perfect for “taking a break”.
  2. Slots let you develop a vibrant imagination.

The Importance of Taking a Break

We are looking at ways to improve our work performance.  Most people seriously underestimate the importance of simply taking a break.  A break from a computer terminal allows you to stretch your legs.  While you are stretching your legs, you should stretch your arms as well.

Connecting with Friends and Colleagues

This is the physical side of taking a break.  There is also a social component here.  We talk about last night’s game at the coffee machine.  Some people go outside to smoke where they hobnob with all of the other smokers which is fortunately an ever-decreasing group!  As we walk around the office, we might give congratulations on the birth of a new child or grandchild, an engagement, a promotion, or any other happy moment in the life of a colleague.


Sometimes Our Brain Needs a Tune-up

Finally, there is the rejuvenation side to taking a break.  This is where online casino gaming on our excellent mobile platform may come in.  If you need an injection of imaginative thinking, spinning a few reels on a number of slots can get the creative thinking side of your brain working again.

Of the hundreds of wonderful ideas and tips Robert Pirsig put into his sensational book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, one was to simply take a nap when your creativity is low.  Well, we can’t take a nap at work but we can play a few online casino games of chance to release the mental contusions our brain has developed trying to solve work problems or simply creating something worthwhile.

Taking a Break at Home

A lot of people take some work home with them.  It is just as important to take breaks when you are working at home as it is when you are working in the office.  These days, with the corona virus keeping so many people working remotely, we need to remember how important it is to take breaks and how walking around the house with a mobile device playing our online casino games might clear our minds of the flotsam and jetsam that naturally collects there and makes room for better work product!

Playing the Games of Skill is Also Important

The aspect of playing slots that helps develop imagination is also a major element in the value of playing the games of skill.

We can relate to the creative teams at Real Time Gaming and the imaginative process that went into creating yet another great slot game.  Since there are so many different themes in modern video slots, our imaginative side can get quite a workout just by playing slots and thinking creatively!

The games of skill help us develop good work habits, and more:

  1. The games of skill help us plan ahead.
  2. These games, especially video poker, help us prioritize.
  3. Casino gaming helps is set limits and milestones.
  4. We learn to control our emotions by playing the games of skill.
  5. The games of skill require a unique kind of focus.

Planning Ahead

First we set time and money budgets for online casino gaming.  We stick to these limits because we also plan for after gaming time.  What will we do after we finish the gaming session.  This leads to better organizing of our days and evenings and better organization leads to improved work product.

Planning out our gaming and sticking to the plan is a major way we can use casino gaming to develop good habits of self-discipline.  If we play for an hour or less, we have disciplined ourselves for that period of time.  Gaming can help us see that work is not a marathon; instead it is a series of short periods of work followed by short periods of play.

An hour of work and a half an hour of play followed by another hour of work create better work product than two consecutive hours of work.

The Need to Prioritize

In blackjack, there is a strong tendency to stand with 12 or more points.  However, there are many situations where there is a higher priority to hit with 12 or more points despite the risk of busting.

This is one side of the value of playing the casino games of skill in developing good prioritizing skills.  It is even more pronounced in video poker.  There are many hands where you might be dealt a winning pair but the chance for a higher paying win is so great that players need to prioritize going for the higher win even at the expense of breaking up the winning pair.

Controlling our Emotions

Work product is almost always the result of a cool head and a calm demeanor.  The element of chance even in the games of skill make playing these games an excellent way to help develop that cool head and calm demeanor.  You simply can’t win them all even when you always make the right decision.

Learning to avoid tilt in blackjack or video poker will help you learn to avoid tilt at work.

Focus and Concentration are Siamese twins

Our work product is a combination of our knowledge, our skill, our ability to focus on the matter at hand and to concentrate as fully as is humanly possible.  The games of skill are basically just games but they also require steely focus and concentration.  After all, in these games you have to make decisions constantly.

If you lose focus or concentration, you will end up making incorrect decisions.  So, to improve your work product, you can play games of skill here at Everygame Casino Red and develop better focus and concentration in a fun and playful environment!

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