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People play games!  People try to play games as often as they can—at an online casino, in tournaments, around the bridge table, and in many other settings— which, unfortunately, in today’s hectic world is not as often as we would like.  As the corona virus lockdowns are abating in the United States and in many countries around the world, many people who couldn’t work from home are going back to work.

This means that they will have less time to play games after work hours and exponentially more need to play games!  Games help us relax; they take our minds off of our day to day struggles; they are fun to play; they help us connect with other people in a completely friendly setting; and they challenge our ability to remember, to think deeply, to analyze, and to develop winning strategies!

Everygame Casino is one of many venues where people can play excellent games.  Let’s take a close look at the types of games we have on offer!

Everygame Casino is Available 24/7

We mentioned above that, these days, people have less tine to play games than they would like.  Everygame Casino, as an online casino, is always at the ready to provide you with great fun and entertainment!  24/7 availability means that if you feel the need to play for even a few minutes, Everygame Casino will be there for you!

Having made that point, let’s now take a look at our more than 300 games!

Games of Chance and Games of Skill

This is a common categorical separation people make when talking about games.  Slots are the most popular games of chance.  There is really no practical strategy for playing slots.  This means that anyone who is trying to sell you a sure-fire method for winning at slots is selling snake oil.

Blackjack, poker, and video poker are the most popular games of skill at any casino.  There is a great deal of strategy in each of these games.  However, we do have to point out that, after you have made a strategic move—and one that might be the best strategic move available—luck does take over!  So the games of skill have a large element of luck while the games of chance have next to no element of skill.

Modern Slots are a far Cry from the Original Slots

After the slot machine was invented in 1894, it remained a physical machine for well over half a century.  That also meant that the interface of slot machines stayed the same for the same period of time.  It was only after digital graphics became available were slots able to branch out from the cherries and sevens era into an era of storytelling.

And how slots have branched out!

Using Casino Games to Tell a Story

Every slot tells a story!  Since the subject matter for stories is functionally unlimited, every month Everygame Casino, in conjunction with our exclusive games provider Real Time Gaming, brings out a new slots game.  We usually run a promotion based on the new slot.  These promotions combine bonuses with free spins.

Free spins are just one part of the gaming fun players have with our modern video slots.


The slots at Everygame Casino also have wild symbols.  New technology has now made it possible for the wild symbols to do almost anything!  Some wilds are sticky, some expand, some explode, some cascade off the reel to be replaced by other symbols, and some are stacked on a single reel!

The slots at Everygame Casino take gamers from the beaches of Florida to ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt and to the Native American cultures whose history, glory, and culture have endured century after century!  They go to the heights of outer space to the depths of the ocean.  Some slots veritably burst with vibrant color while others tend to the darker side.  Many slots were developed with tongue firmly in cheek while others try to capture serious moments!

It takes quite a while to play all of the slots at Everygame Casino which is one of the best reasons to play at an online casino!  Since you can play every day if you wish, you can play each slot in its proper time and get the most fun from each one!


We offer many variations of blackjack.  This is still the most popular table game at both online and land-based casinos.  The differences are striking!  At a land-based casino, players are far more restricted.  The casino needs to make the most use out of all available floor space so it can’t accommodate every player’s wishes regarding blackjack.

It is totally different at Everygame Casino Red!  We don’t have any spce restrictions so we can offer as many different nuances as players might want.  Thus we are able to offer so many variations of blackjack.

We urge all gamers to be sure of the specific rules for the blackjack game they wish to play.  Rules do vary.  We also offer unlimited free play so you can try out any game at no cost whatsoever!

Video Poker

This is the second most popular game of skill at Everygame.  The strategy you need to win at video poker is readily available.  We urge all gamers to learn the small nuances of video poker strategy for every variation they wish to play.

Video poker is basically a variation on five card draw poker.  However, the small touches that make video poker so attractive have to be mastered in order for the player to win!

Roulette and Craps

These are also attractive table games at Everygame.  We admit that most gamers who play table games prefer blackjack but roulette and craps are perfect online casino games for an at-home casino party!  The neighbors might ask you to keep the noise level down!  The best solution to that conundrum is simply to invite the neighbors to join the party!

Caribbean Poker

There are three fun poker variations that are called Caribbean Poker games.  They are both games of skill and games of chance and have a progressive jackpot attached to them.  The bet for the progressive jackpot is a side bet.

Progressive Jackpots

This is an innovation that was possible only with the expansion of gaming to online casinos.  The game providers have a much wider reach than even an established casino such as Everygame.  The providers can take a few pennies from every bet to fund the progressive jackpot which can get as high as seven figures!

Everygame Casino offers several games with a progressive jackpot.

Specialty Games

We offer two of the most fun specialty games at any online casino: Fish Catch and Banana Jones.  You can play Fish catch with gamers from all over the world.  Banana Jones is the cuddliest hero of any game we offer!

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