Fast Forward Your Crypto Gaming Action

Playing the tables, the slots or any other type of gaming is all about entertainment, thrills and fast-paced action. Playing online at a top online casino, such as Everygame Casino Red is the pinnacle of easy access gambling. It is red-hot play anytime, anywhere to feel the adrenaline rush of potential wins or jackpot scores.

The development of gambling technology for online players never rests or loses momentum. In fact, online sites that snooze will eventually lose. That is why your time at the Everygame Red Cryptocurrency- and Bitcoin-friendly casino is an all-time BIG money winner!

Cryptocurrency at Everygame Casino Red

At Everygame Casino Red we are leaders of the pack, with a unique mix of proven experience and an exciting, leading-edge financial-transactions and peer-to-peer technology interface. Our casino proudly integrates digital currencies within a decentralized-financial-institutions system of valuable cryptocurrency transactions.

It is time to bankroll your power play with crypto assets using cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto markets and the latest blockchain technology. Gaming at Everygame Red delivers all the benefits of the cryptocurrency market with three different choices of crypto as part of our choices of payment method.

In other words, Everygame Casino Red is on your side to accept Bitcoin and other blockchain technology of crypto exchanges and wallets. We make cryptocurrency work for YOUR gaming. No sweat, no tears!

Everygame Red - Always Ahead of the Casino Game

Fast forwarding Red Casino gaming technology means that our online game developers are always looking for new ways to keep you, our players, engaged and having fun. Our software developers are smart in re-inventing the casino wheel, with new types of game features, characters, audio and animations in 3-D and beyond.

In addition to the development of our Everygame online games: slots, tables, video poker and other games, is the innovation presented in our online gaming platforms. At Everygame Red Casino we deliver faster, better download software, Instant play that is not only speedy, but also gorgeous to use and of course the latest, most edgy mobile platform technology with Everygame Casino Red Mobile.

Every Game Casino Red Goes Full Circle

Who doesn’t play and gamble on their mobile these days? The expectations must be met by the online site to deliver HTML technology that is full-on in delivery, games and super-intuitive navigation.

Gambling online comes full circle, with Everygame Red online banking and financial services that are easy to use, reliable, secure and speedy. No one, but no one, will be willing to accept lagging or delays in funding their bankroll, especially when on a roll or excitingly winning that big one and wanting to get it back ‘home”.

The up-to-date lineage of online gambling is here and now at Everygame Red. The modern way forward in online payments that really will get you moving and grooving, wherever you may be, is popular cryptocurrency.

The next generation of legal tender is virtual currency of digital assets. And at Everygame Casino Red, you'll find digital currency casino cashier transactions to move funds, execute daily transactions to purchase gaming chips and withdraw your fabulous cash outs from your casino account via you own cryptocurrency money wallet as easy as could be.

Everygame Casino Red is totally into the new-age curve, presenting all the latest in technology and fast-click banking via cryptocurrency digital assets that will leave you free to play, enjoy and score wins, completely hassle-free.

Cryptocurrency at Everygame Casino Red

History of Gaming from Gold Coins, Chips to Bitcoins

Gambling has evolved a lot in recent times, but the original idea has largely remained the same throughout the ages. The enjoyment of games of chance were first recorded over 2,500 years ago with the earliest playing card hands originally dealt in China around 600 BC.

The first actual house for gambling – the casino - was invented in Italy around the 16th century. Then, gambling currency would be golden coins or types of wooden chips, that could be traded back into the currency of the player or swopped for valuable items. The hunger to play, to try and beat the house was then, as now, filled with excitement and pulse-racing entertainment.

It was in the USA that gaming houses, casinos, really gained popularity. Jaunty places that allowed card gambling and dice games whilst trying to avoid government interference or regulation. Early American casinos were to be found on steam showboats and then developed into actual, gorgeously-decorated palaces. Thrilling venues, where anyone could lay down some money, purchase playing chips and take their chance.

Originally, casino chips were made from small wooden blocks or literally "chips" and then became more sophisticated using metals and eventually plastic coin lookalikes.

During the 1850’s the first slot machine was invented and it was in the 1930s that gambling became legalized in certain US states to create vibrant hubs for gambling in places such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The gaming industry has never looked back, ever-evolving in intensity, entertainment value and ways to play.

It was in the 1990s that ecommerce sites and online gambling came into our lives and offered up opportunities to gamble from our very own homes funding our pleasures via online banking hubs. We could purchase our virtual chips and other digital assets using a variety of methods, dependent upon country and location.

Casino banking methods included online brokers of commonly-traded credit cards, bank wire transfers and then over the years web wallets joined the options available to became even more user-friendly, secure and fast.

What a journey from gold coins to wooden chips and all the way through to today's digital assets of crypto trading of digital currencies - Bitcoin mining.

Welcome to New Age Gaming at Everygame Red

Virtual chips, digital currencies, once, in the days before online gambling, would have been considered risky, scary and complicated. How things have changed! Not one of us would hesitate to use online e-banking to purchase chips, coins and bankroll funds for our favorite online games – and happily cash out using these methods, as well.

The invention of the smartphone in the 2000s brought even speedier access to gambling and online casino cashier banking – straight into the palm of your hand.

So, what is next in the world of casino banking, chip purchases and future trends? Actually, the future is here and now, because the new reality is all about cryptocurrency – Bitcoin betting and the Blockchain network.

Embrace Cryptocurrency!

Did you know that over 50% of all Bitcoin transactions are related to online gambling? This is an amazing statistic and the many cryptocurrency exchanges and digital asset crypto options for funding your online gambling bankroll, are growing exponentially in popularity. Those stats are going to surge and explode as the ease with which you can buy and sell cryptocurrency and use blockchain technology for online gambling, just grows and grows!

The cryptocurrency trend is here to stay and we say embrace it!

We realize that for many, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin purchases, and such payments sounds threatening and complicated. Not so in reality and for those who love online gambling and want to play in an anonymous, safe environment with no interference from central authorities, can now do so at Everygame Casino Red fearlessly and in super easy steps.

Cryptocurrency at Everygame Casino Red

First Cryptocurrency Lowdown

Cryptocurrency is a virtual form of proxy payment similar to arcade tokens or casino chips and can be used online for purchasing goods and services, including top online casinos, such as our very own, Everygame Red.

The major advantage of digital crypto is that when you buy cryptocurrency your transactions are decentralized - meaning every purchase is made through a network, instead of a centralized bank or credit card company - this provides true anonymity. In addition, casino banking with crypto means that your location is far less of an issue, allowing players to sidestep much of the regulatory restrictions now in place regarding the funding of your online gambling account.

Crypto offers freedom and diversity for the online gamer that no other casino cashier method can do. Get on board for hassle-free cryptocurrency payments and get into step with the best way to play online games today!


Cryptocurrency Wallet Options

Let’s take the fear factor away from bankrolling your gaming online via specific cryptocurrency methods and digital crypto usage.

Gambling with cryptocurrency is not complicated once you grasp how to set up your payment methods and pick yourself a crypto wallet, or another name to use is a blockchain wallet. Whatever type of crypto coin you choose for your Everygame Casino Red gaming or Everygame sports betting, one constant requirement is a crypto wallet.

A wallet will enable the transfer of cryptocurrency and record and verify transactions. Crypto gambling is completely anonymous because the transactions are not linked to your identity or centrally regulated. An immense plus for the online gambler.

A cryptocurrency wallet is an application used to store digital coins. It contains the public and private keys that currency holders use for transactions. Therefore, you can't gamble with crypto without a wallet. The process kicks off by creating a wallet, purchasing cryptocurrency, sending it to your wallet and then making your bankroll deposit at Everygame Red. A wallet also enables you to withdraw funds - your winnings - into real currency (non-digital currency), if you wish.

Everygame Red Casino Cashier Crypto Options

There are several different types of online crypto wallets. At Everygame Casino Red we offer three of the very best options in the crypto market. Each wallet is simple to use, friendly across international borders, including the United States, reliable and fast.

Each wallet requires a few steps to open an account and will generally require some form of initial identification documents.  Then money can be transferred into the wallet by using your credit card, a prepaid card or by a bank transfer. Your wallet will provide you with your very own, unique address that you copy and paste into your casino account.  And voilla - your casino account is ready to go.

Withdrawing with crypto is no harder than making a deposit. All you need to do this time is copy your deposit address from your wallet and enter it on the withdrawal page of your Everygame Casino Red account.

Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin is a super and highly-popular online crypto wallet that is perfect for your Everygame Casino Red deposits AND withdrawals.

Open up a US-friendly Bitcoin wallet for a seamless crypto casino experience to play all of our Everygame Red diverse selection of games.

Get your initial coin offerings directly via your Bitcoin cryptocurrency account, to and from your bank account. It is a very similar process to using Paypal, the only difference is that when you load the money onto the wallet, you will be able to convert it into Bitcoins so that you can make your transactions IN Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency at Everygame Casino Red

Bitcoin Cash Wallet

BCH, short for Bitcoin Cash, is a cryptocurrency built on the basis of the original Bitcoin and is also very user-friendly for all users, including USA users.

Getting started with BCH is very easy. All you need to do is download the wallet, which is free to do, and then follow the simple instructions to set up your own hub. You can easily send and receive funds from your super-practical Bitcoin Cash wallet, to and from Everygame Red. Once your wallet is set up the transfer of funds and processing time is almost instantaneous and is reflected in your gambling account within a few minutes.

Litecoin Wallet

Litecoin is one of the best alternative cryptocurrency wallets. As opposed to Bitcoin, Litecoin offers limits to fund your Everygame Red account - as little as $25 and up to $2,000. There are no fees involved in the transfer of currency. Litecoin is simple to use and download and provides an encrypted, secure environment. The only drawback, at the moment, is that you can only use a Litecoin wallet to deposit and fund your gaming account - you cannot use this wallet for your cash out of winnings.

Click to Fund & Click to Cash out

The option for using your Crypto Wallet Account to deposit or withdraw into and from your Everygame Casino Red account is so easy:

Step 1 – Open an online crypto wallet - your personal online hub for ALL your crypto transactions.

Step 2 – Deposit money into your wallet of choice.

Step 3 – By clicking on send funds you will deposit your crypto coins into the Casino or Sportsbook via the one-click site address.

Step 4 – Withdraw your casino winnings from the Everygame Casino Cashier with one click on the crypto options of Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. Enter your wallet details and click receive funds to transfer to your wallet.  Then, f you want to, you can transfer the crypto coins into real money into your card or bank account.

Step 5 – Make sure you’re withdrawing in the same cryptocurrency. For example, a Bitcoin wallet can only withdraw BTC digital currencies.

Have More Fun with Crypto-Funded Gaming!

Welcome to the new age of online gaming!  It really is the gambling experience that you deserve and regardless of your location you will be able to play and fund your chip bankroll. From a player’s point of view, crypto is the perfect ‘gaming coin’, allowing BEST time gambling, more fast-paced action and BIG WIN power play.

Even if you’re a new player in the world of crypto gambling, it isn't hard to learn the process and take the few simple steps to fund your gambling entertainment or to cash your winnings out.

Cryptocurrency at Everygame Casino Red

Why Go the Crypto Currency Route?

It is a decentralized system that means no one central authority knows your business, your finances or anything about your cryptocurrency legal gaming. YOU ARE IN CONTROL!

It is totally secure and private, once your wallet is set up you can transfer funds, via a trusted third party with NO NEED to provide any personal data and the transactions are untraceable with crypto anonymity as a super advantage!

Crypto is fast and it doesn’t matter if you are transferring funds across continents. Crypto travels well and is almost instantaneous.

Yes! The fact that Everygame Red Casino is so very crypto-friendly with three wallet options of crypto coins means that YOUR online slots play, online tables events and online specialty game play is unparalleled, profitable entertainment with results that are launched for takeoff!

Don’t hesitate to take the first step and get into the lucky jackpot mode with less red tape and more Casino Red thrills!