Irish Luck Promotion

The St. Paddy’s celebrations at Everygame Casino are coming to an end. In the third and last post of our Irish Luck promotion, we will pick up the final lucky item: the legendary pot of gold.

Everygame also has a pot filled with bonuses waiting for you at the end of this post. And let’s not forget about the special prize at the end of the promotion! Grab a pint and join in for the fun!

The Leprechaun and Their Legendary Pot of Gold

If you read the part 2 blog of the Irish Luck promo, you’ve already learned a bit about the origins behind the leprechaun’s treasure. Now, let’s go into some further details about one of the most famous Irish legends. Why and how did the leprechaun become associated with pots of gold?

First of all, let’s talk about leprechauns. The word descends from the Old Irish language, and means something along the lines of “little corpse”. Leprechauns are small fairies, and were most likely based on the “little people” from the ancient tribes of Ireland. According to Irish mythology, the leprechaun isn’t the charismatic bearded fellow dressed in green we commonly imagine.

The original leprechaun are solitary, mischievous fairies. They are skilled shoemakers, but also love playing pranks. Forget the traditional Irish-green clothes too: the classic leprechaun dresses in red instead. Some legends say that a leprechaun will add one golden coin to their pot every year.

If you manage to capture one, the leprechaun will bargain for his freedom by telling you the location of their treasure. But beware - they can’t be trusted. If a leprechaun tells you that his pot of gold lies at the end of the rainbow, it obviously means that you are never going to find it. In old tales, the leprechaun usually teaches a lesson to those who try to get rich quickly.

With time, the leprechaun became synonymous with Irish culture. Their image slowly changed, going from the prankster fairy dressed in red to the small bearded man dressed in green. There is no actual explanation behind its change in appearance. And since green is Ireland’s national color, it only made sense for the leprechaun to adopt it as well.

Despite the leprechaun having nothing to do with St. Patrick’s legend, it is now part of the St Paddy’s celebrations. You will probably run into plenty of leprechaun decorations during this time of the year. And if you happen to find one, remember to stay alert so you don’t fall for his tricks!

The Pot of Gold at the End of the Promotion

And with this, the 3 parts of our Irish Luck promotion are over and done with. To close it off, we will offer you another game suggestion. The Lucky 6 slot, quite fittingly, is filled with good luck symbols. Can you score big and win the pot of gold? Lucky 6 has a unique grid with 6 reels, and offers high payouts along with free spins.

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* This bonus offer is valid until April 3rd 2022.
* The minimum deposit amount is USD 20. The maximum bonus amount is USD 5,000.
* Free spins are only valid for Lucky 6.
* Any winnings from the free spins are subject to a playthrough of 10x.
* Standard wagering requirements apply for the deposit bonus.
* The $2,000 cash prize winner will be announced in the first week of April, 2022.
* Please note: Terms and Conditions apply.