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The hippie era is probably one of the most recognizable periods in American history. As the world underwent some big transformations in the 60s, it created the perfect ground for the counterculture movement. And while the hippie movement isn’t as big as it used to be, it never truly died. Visit our blog and read the first post of our Hippie Heaven promo. Learn more about the Hippie Era and claim an exclusive casino bonus.

This time around, Everygame will celebrate hippie culture with 3 posts of peace, music, games and bonuses. In the first part of Hippie Heaven, we will revisit the hippie movement’s origins. Join us for this trippy promo… Far out!

The 60s, Counterculture and the Hippies

The 60s were absolutely wild. As the Cold War reached its peak with the Cuban Missile Crisis, international tensions continued to rise. A few years later, the Vietnam War began - and the anti-war movement was an important player in the origins of the counterculture phenomenon. The rise of civil rights and other social movements in the US created a boiling cauldron. All in all, the conditions were just right for the start of a new youth movement.
Drawing inspiration from the beatniks and their ideas of free love, antimaterialism as well as the use of psychedelic drugs to expand consciousness, teens and young adults were quickly drawn into this new movement. What started with small groups and communities organized around these ideas suddenly grew into something much bigger. “Turn on, tune in and drop out” became a defining phrase for the hippie movement.

“Hippie” comes from the slang term “hip”, which became popular in the late 30s and was used to describe something trendy. This same slang also originated the term hipster - referring to the original hipster movement from the 1940s in this case. Hippie is believed to stem from hipster, the term did take a while to catch on. In 1967, famous San Francisco Chronicle journalist Herb Caen began using the term in his columns and was responsible for its widespread usage.

This new movement drew in more people, spreading all over the US and also worldwide. The hippies became known for a number of reasons: most notably their unique fashion sense, the birth of psychedelic rock and - you guessed it - the widespread use of drugs. But the hippie movement went further beyond this. The anti-war, pro-peace stance played a critical role in the withdrawal of American troops from Vietnam.

Two events marked the hippie era: the 1967 Summer of Love in San Francisco and the famous 1969 Woodstock Festival, with both drawing in hundreds of thousands of people. By the end of the 60s, roughly 0.2% of all Americans declared themselves hippies, which is a significant number.

However, as is usually the case, the hippie movement was absorbed into mainstream culture. By the mid-70s, the movement significantly waned. And while the hippie movement never really ended, it never managed to regain its early popularity.

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