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If you love parties as much as we do, then this post will definitely make your day. We absolutely love having some good times with fun people in a friendly environment. For all the party people out there, we have compiled some fun and interesting facts about parties. Do you know why we actually gather to dance, eat, drink and celebrate so often? And how about some of the wildest festivities from thousands of years ago?

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Fun Party Facts

Why do we party? Yes, we love fun as much as everyone, but have you ever wondered who came up with this idea in the first place? Partying goes a long way back - tens of thousands of years, in fact. Plenty of historians and sociologists believe that partying was actually an important tool in establishing relationships.

Our ancestors would get together and, even with little to nothing in common, we're able to quickly establish a link by dancing and having fun together. Partying was just another form of communicating and expressing feelings, in a much simpler way.

Parties most likely originate from religious gatherings and celebrations. Ancient agricultural societies would usually celebrate a successful harvest season by holding festivities with drinks, food and dancing.

Let’s fast forward a few thousand years: the Romans were known for some pretty wild parties. The Bacchanalia, private parties in honor of the wine god Bacchus, would make modern parties look really tame. These festivals, held by a secret religious cult, had just about everything you can imagine: loud music, dancing, animal sacrifices, feasting, drinking and orgies. Naturally, when the cult’s practices came to light, it absolutely scandalized Roman society.

Speaking of crazy parties, can you guess how much the most expensive party ever thrown cost? In 1971, Iran’s Mohammad Reza Pahlavi celebrated the Persian dynasty’s 2,500th year by inviting heads of state, businessmen and other rich figures from over 60 different countries. The three-day festivities included military parades, lots of food and drinks, a five-hour banket for over 600 guests and even a Tent City built in the middle of the desert. At the time, the celebrations cost between $15 and $20 million - something around $635 million in today’s currency.

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