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History is full of tales and legends about missing treasures. Hidden mountains of gold, silver or other precious metals and stones have driven plenty of treasure hunters to look for these life-changing fortunes. While some of them have found success, there are still plenty of undiscovered riches out there. In the first part of our Treasure Quest promotion, we will take a look at some intriguing missing treasures. And legends say that this post leads to an exclusive casino blog bonus.

Famous Missing Treasures

Have you ever dreamed of finding a famous historical treasure? Every year, thousands of treasure hunters set off on quests to uncover some of these mysterious pieces of history that are still hidden somewhere out there.

Plenty of missing treasures date back to a period between the 15th century and the 18th century. Naval fleets carrying hundreds of tons of gold, silver and precious stones sailed back and forth between Europe and the Americas. Shipwrecks were a common occurrence, and hundreds of ships packed full of treasures ended up at the bottom of the Atlantic.

The most famous shipwreck out of those is, without a doubt, the Spanish galleon San Jose. Often referred to as the “holy grail” and “the mother of shipwrecks”, the San Jose is reportedly worth $17 billion. The flagship of a 17-vessel treasure fleet, the San Jose was sunk by British warships in 1708. Its remains were finally discovered by the Colombian government in 2015, immediately leading to a legal battle that is still going on. Spain, Colombia and a Bolivian indigenous group have all claimed ownership of San Jose’s treasure.

There are also a few legends about pirate treasures left behind by some of history’s most infamous seafarers. Two of them, in particular, have often drawn the attention of treasure hunters: William Kidd and Edward Teach.

In Kidd’s case, it’s tricky to tell reality from fiction. The famous 17th century pirate did bury part of his fortune in a ravine on Gardiner’s Island. Originally, the plan was to use it as a bargain during his trial. But it backfired in spectacular fashion, as the treasure was found and used as evidence against him instead. But some treasure hunters believe that the Gardiner’s Island treasure was nothing more than a tiny fraction of Kidd’s fortune, and that there is still more to be found.

Teach, who is obviously better known as Blackbeard, supposedly left behind a millionaire loot. Although Teach was only active from 1716 to 1718, his imposing figure made Blackbeard the most famous pirate of all time. In yet another case of reality and fiction melding together, Blackbeard’s fame originated the legend of a buried treasure worth $11.5 million. Nothing has ever been found, but treasure hunters still believe that Blackbeard may have buried his fortune on Ocracoke Island in North Carolina or Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Going back to the Age of Exploration treasures, loots from Pre-Columbian societies are also a favorite among hunters. Aztecs, Incas and Mayans supposedly hid piles of gold and silver artifacts deep inside jungles and mountain ranges to keep them safe from the Spanish. This led to the creation of some popular legends, the most famous ones being the Seven Cities of Gold in North and Central America and El Dorado, the mythical city of gold located somewhere in South America. Once again, it’s hard to separate fact and fiction here. While some of these ancient Pre-Columbian treasures have been found, there is no evidence to back up the existence of El Dorado or the Seven Cities of Gold.

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