Happy Easter bunny with easter basket filled with colored eggs

They say Easter and the start of the spring season is a time for new beginnings; we say it’s a time for new winnings! Get lucky with our online slots, win playing Easter slots and get your blood pumping with our special Easter post, taking you down memory lane with those classic Easter games!

Those traditional Easter Games (that Challenge!)

The only thing better than spring, is spring break. No, we’re not talking about college debauchery in Cancun - We’re talking about the good ol’ holidays. Allow us to explain. You see, the real difference between kids and adults is, that kids will tell you summer is the best season because they’ve never lived a life without vacation.

Adults will tell you spring season, especially the Easter holidays, is the best, as we know those well-deserved days off work are coming up. They are just around the corner, like that Easter bunny trails behind, ready to leave plenty of hidden treats. No, we aren't talking about the sweets only.

As a grown-up, you may be over the days of seeking out small chocolate eggs or those Egg Roll Races, but let’s reminisce …

As children, we used holidays and the first days of sunshine to get away from school for a while and play outside. It’s there, on the football fields, the basketball courts and the baseball pitches, where we first discover our competitive spirit. During Easter, there are even more opportunities than usual to play with friends and family, to see who has that do-or-die winning attitude (not literally, we hope!).

Classic Easter games

Instead of participating in traditional sports, our childhoods consisted of competing with our friends, brothers and sisters, scouring houses and gardens for treats during the classic games. Those games were played at Easter gatherings with friends and family or at the hometown-organized Easter Event. Let's have a look at the most popular games around Easter and Spring time.

Easter Egg Hunt

Back in the day, we've been searching for the colorful Easter eggs hidden in the bushes and on the meadow. Once found we put the eggs in our Easter basket. In the end, all the collected Easter eggs have been counted, the winner of the Easter Egg Hunt was crowned and an Easter surprise was given.

Bunny Hop Sack Race

Don’t you remember jumping for joy with another classic, the Bunny Hop Sack Races? We jumped full of excitement in a burlap bag which was decorated with a bunny tail, and hopped with full drive and power to the finish line. how funny it was seeing someone trying to make it to the finish line without losing their bunny sack. Nowadays the Bunny hop sacks are available in different colors and are vividly decorated.

Egg tapping

Easter without the Egg tapping wouldn't be the same. Some even call it Egg fighting. The game is played with two players, who each are given a hard boiled egg. One player then can tapp the opponent's egg. Important is that the top of the egg has to tap the top of the egg and the same goes for the bottom side of it. The egg of the player who is cracked first, loses. Of course, the game can be extended to a "last egg standing" option.

The Egg-citing Easter racing duels

There are two main racing duel games that are popular around the globe. For those games, all needed would be a spoon, a hard-boiled egg, an opponent (or more) and a race route.

Egg Roll Race

And let’s not forget about the ever-classic Egg Roll Races; originating 1835 in England, this race with the hard-boiled egg is now enjoyed all across the USA, maintaining that Easter tradition appeal. The winner of the game was the player, who has shoved his egg the fastest to the finish line with nothing else but the spoon.

Egg Run Race

In this game, the eggs aren't being shoved around with the spoon, no. The Egg Run racing game provides that you bring the egg to the finish line on a spoon, which is balanced with your mouth. To make it even more fun and challenging, we had to overcome certain obstacles on the way to the finish line.

brown easter bunny with easter basket collecting the easter eggs

There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition! In fact, competitive people make the world go round. As time moves forward, unfortunately, some of us may find it harder to make it out onto the courts and the fields, but the spirit of sportsmanship and winning always remains strong.

Luckily, these days, playing online at Everygame Casino allows you to feel the same kind of rush that your childhood self felt winning that race, finding the most Easter eggs or simply, being the fastest of them all. So, hit the slots this spring season and enjoy the full Entertainment of bonus features, free spins, and find Easter slots at Everygame Casino!

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Keep the Easter Bunnies hopping and the Easter slot spinning!

At Everygame you can play various online slot games with all kinds of themes. Why not get in the seasons' mood by playing one of our Easter themed slots? Join the Easter slot tradition with bonus rounds, special features and an egg cracking good time. Here's our list of games to follow in the Easter Bunny's footsteps to the big win.

Jump into Easter with Spring Wilds!

Easter is all about winnings, fun and a great time! Jump right into it with the game Spring Wilds. The game is a five-reel slot game with 25 paylines and offers the cutest seasonal spirit you'll ever experience. With its features, the fluffy bunnies, the baby chicks, delicious sweets, and colorful eggs, it has to be on our Easter slots list, that you should try out!

Trigger six or more bonus symbols anywhere on the game and the Lucky Streak re-spin feature is activated! While the already triggered bonus icons are locked in the spot, the independent reels start to spin. If it happens to trigger another Spring Wilds symbol, the new icon will also be locked and a re-spin is starting. The slot game will award you with the winnings based on the collected Bonus icons, once no new Spring Wilds icon appears.

When the basket with the golden eggs is triggered 3, 4 or 5 times, you will have free spins to play. Depending on how many Scatter symbols are triggered, 10, 15 or even 20 Free games are playable.

Not only is it a perfect match if you want to play Easter slots, but in April you will also get doubled comp points for playing this slot game. Easter wouldn't be what it is without a little Easter Surprise. Until the 17th of April, you can double up your money with a 100% match on top of your deposit up to $6000 and 60 colorful free spins for the game! Follow the spirit and have a lucky Easter!

spring wilds slot game with the bunny, chicken and pig, cracking out of a pink egg

Run Rabbit, Run!

Rabbits love carrots, right? Soon you will be able to help the rabbits get on the carrot farm and as a reward, you can claim in-game prizes like free spins, random jackpots and winnings. With it's five reels, this game offers great animations, hopping bunnies and a special feature, including a morphing wild symbol. Keep your eyes open to see the game Run Rabbit, Run! appearing in your casino lobby. 

When either Mr. or Mrs. Rabbit appears on the reels, it will replace any other symbols, just not the scatter. When one of the two is triggered, they may jump around on the slot game and help you win even bigger!

In this game, the scatter symbol is the old carrot farmer lady, who pays in any direction. It might be that the farmer is trying to keep the farm rabbit free, but that doesn't mean free of winning. When the scatter appears at least three times on the reels, the special Run Rabbit, Run! feature is triggered. Now it is your turn to help the hopping animals pass the highway and make it to the farm. Depending on how many rabbits did make it to the farm, free games are being awarded. Try your best as you can get up to 100 Free spins!

run rabbit, run rabbit happily smiling with a carrot in its paws, in a wooden frame

Magic Mushroom

If you would like to celebrate more the happening of Spring, we have got another slot game to recommend! From our 300 + online slots collection you may want to spin the reels in Magic Mushroom.

The colorful fairies are guiding you through the forest to your next big win! While spinning through the magical forest, you may encounter the mushroom icon - the wild symbol! The mushroom substitutes for all other symbols. When it's triggered three times, it is even expanding on the middle reel and triggers the re-spin feature.

The Magic Mushroom is a classic set up game with 3x3 reels. Easter symbols may not appear, but rest assured that a magic spell will be activated as soon as you enter the forest with the faires on your way.

Your Basket filled with Easter slot Entertainment and Easter bonuses

The Easter bunny is everywhere pretty impressive, but when it visits an online casino like Everygame, you can rest assured, that it has a big Easter surprise for you. All you need to do is to keep your eyes open to find it ;).

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