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What Happens after You Get Your Everygame Casino Login?

When a gamer joins Everygame Casino, we give him or her an Everygame Casino login.  The login is your personal gateway to the wonderful world of gaming available at Everygame!  If you are already a member of the Everygame family, you know what we mean when we speak about the wonderful world of gaming at Everygame.

The question most new gamers ask is: What kind of gaming experience can I expect after I join Everygame Casino?  In this article, we will answer that question.

The Login Gives You Access to over 300 Games!

This sounds like a lot of games and it is!  We also emphasize that there is no time limit to how long you can stay at any specific game.  If one million gamers want to play the same slot at the same time, we can accommodate them!  No land-based casino can make such a claim.

So, one of the things the login gives gamers here at Everygame is tremendous flexibility.


What Kinds of Games Does Everygame Carry?

We carry slots, table games, video poker, specialty games, and progressive games.  Let’s look at each in turn.

Slots make the World of Reels Go Round!

Slots continue to be amazingly popular.  Here are a few reasons why this is so:

  1. With a lot of luck, you can make a lot of money with a relatively small bet.  This is obviously the case with progressive jackpots and it also applies to any slot—which means almost every slot—that has a large jackpot even if it isn’t a million dollar progressive jackpot.
  2. There are so many themes in slots that gamers can let their imaginations fly while playing.
  3. Slots are a game of chance which makes them incredibly relaxing.  You spin the reels and get any number of combinations.  As a game of chance, a lot of gamers who have to think long and hard for hours every work day, love the chance to simply relax and play.
  4. Slots have a great sense of humor.  Animation and sound quality have improved so much that slots provide great entertainment value in and of themselves.
  5. Slots are the best game to play curled up on the sofa or in bed with your most significant other since you can put the game on auto-spin and just relax and cuddle.

Table Games Fall into Several Categories, Too

Table games include blackjack, baccarat, roulette, craps, keno, and the Caribbean poker variations.

Blackjack is the most famous game of skill at a casino aside from poker with real opponents.  We carry many variations of blackjack each of which has its own unique character and strategy.  We urge all gamers to learn the strategy of any variation of blackjack you wish to play.  When you play blackjack using top strategy, the return to player rate is close to 100%.  That means that gamers can play blackjack for extended periods of time without any expectation of winning or losing much money.

This is how gamers have fun at Everygame Casino!

Spinnin’ Wheel Got to Go Round

Roulette and craps have many different bets so gamers should learn how each bet works in these games.  After you learn the bets in these games, they become quite simple.  Most gamers play the simplest and least risky bets so the games are also conducive to low risk fun.

Pick’em Pardner

Keno is a form of lottery.  You can choose up to 12 numbers but the chances of winning are best when you choose four numbers.  A lot of players who like bingo gravitate to keno.


Baccarat was made famous by James Bond.  In fact, despite its reputation as the game of high rollers, baccarat is a simple game.  You bet either on the player or the banker which in the casino world is the house.

Yes, in baccarat you can bet that the house will win.  Actually, betting on the house is the best bet.  Betting on a tie is considered a poor bet even though it pays very well when it happens.  Betting on the player is just slightly less strategic than betting on the house.

Yah, Mon

The Caribbean poker variations pit your wits against the odds that the dealer might best you.  These games get complicated since you can win even with a poor hand if the dealer doesn’t qualify or if she qualifies with a minimal hand.  The extra risk involved excites a lot of players and, as long as you stay within your gaming budget, the Caribbean games are a lot of fun to play!

Video Poker

This game has the highest return to player rate of all the games at an online casino.  We carry several variations of video poker.  We urge all gamers to learn the best strategy for their variation of choice since playing with the best strategy will keep you as close to winning as possible.  In other words, video poker players win often!

In video poker, the key is learning the strategy table.  At first, it looks impossible to learn but you can actually see the logic in each level of game play.  You will give up a winning pair in order to go for a higher paying hand!  This is the essence of video poker strategy.  Of course, there are also a lot of hands where you keep the winning pair if there is no other hand you can try to make.

The Specialty Games

We carry two games that we call our specialty games: Fish Catch and Banana Jones.  Anyone who has read a few of these articles knows that we love to remind gamers about Banana Jones!  He is just so cuddly and the game that bears his name is a great, fun game that reminds everyone of Chutes and Ladders except that the chutes in Banana Jones are snakes!  Eek!

Fish Catch is a tongue in cheek fishing game that you can play with other players from wherever they are! 

Are There Any Technical Things I Should Know before I Sign Up?

Of course, there are!

  1. Our random number generator is checked often to make sure that it is working properly.  This ensures the integrity of our games.
  2. We offer many ways to deposit and withdraw funds.
  3. We use the best and most powerful encryption software to protect your assets when they are in transit to and from Everygame Casino Red and when they are resting in your account.
  4. We ask gamers for some proof that they are who they say they are when they wish to withdraw funds.  This is a hassle that we readily acknowledge and we do it to protect your money!
  5. We operate a customer service center that never closes, not for any religious or national holidays and not when our hard-working staff is on vacation!
  6. Last but certainly not least, we run many articles that seek to help gamers get the most fun from online gaming at Everygame Casino.  We urge everyone to go to the blog and articles sections of the casino and find out for yourselves that at Everygame Casino fun is the key word to gaming!

Join Everygame Casino NOW to get in on all the action and to get your casino login!