Enter into this riveting game at Everygame Casino that combines the simplicity and excitement of a slot machine with the classic game of Keno. With the quick pick feature, you can test your luck to the maximum or go with your lucky numbers each time.

With an intuitive board and many ways to win, Keno is a great user experience for those who seek enjoyment and rewards.

Is it Really True that Keno is Older than Time Itself?

If you like bingo, you’ll like keno at Everygame Casino.  And if you like Chinese history, you’ll positively love keno.  The story has it that keno started about one thousand years ago in China and was based on the Chinese characters in a poem. Another historical nugget has it that the money for the Great Wall of China also came from the proceeds from the ancient game of keno.

Keno Evolves....

Keno was no doubt one of the lesser contributions of the thousands of Chinese immigrants who came to the United States in the 19th century to help the great railroads cross the continent.

Since Americans couldn’t read Chinese characters, smart businesspeople changed the characters to numbers.  And fast forward to today, we have online keno!

Keno and Bingo

These two stalwarts are actually mirror images of each other. In bingo, you get a bingo card that has numbers already filled in.  You mark your card according to the numbers as they are called.  In keno, you choose numbers from the 80 numbers the modern game uses.  You can choose from just one number all the way up to 20 numbers.

Then the numbers for that game get “called” all at once.  You win if you hit on one or more of the numbers you chose.  By the way, the reason keno sets a limit at 20 numbers is because the odds of hitting all 20 out of a possible 80 are very long so the casino felt it would be fair and proper to stop at 20.

Payouts in Keno

The payout schedule is based on the real chances of hitting one, two, three, or more of the numbers you chose.  The more numbers you choose, the greater the chance is that you’ll hit one, so the payouts for hitting one falls.  The same is true of the chances of hitting two numbers and so on.

It is possible to pick a lot of numbers, hit several and still lose money on the game.

Statisticians to the Rescue

The statisticians studied the odds in keno and universally agree that the best bet in keno falls in the four to eight number range.

Myths about Keno

One big myth is that numbers can be cold.  This is simply impossible at Everygame Online Casino because we use a Random Number Generator to generate every number at random!

That means that any given number could come up a few times in a row and then maybe not at all for an hour or longer.  In keno, only the Random Number Generator knows for sure and, in truth, it doesn’t know anything at all!

The next big myth is that you are better off choosing numbers in a sequence.  Remember the RNG?  Once again, the myth fails at the feet of modern technology!

The third big myth is that only little old ladies in sneakers play keno.  This is very much not true.  We have found that many young ladies not to mention young men enjoy playing keno.

Why Do People Enjoy Keno?

In a real sense, keno is a kind of lottery game but it is so much more fun than buying a lottery ticket and waiting for the big drawing.

Buying a lottery ticket and waiting for the big drawing is such a snoozefest!

In keno, just as in the lottery, you can choose your favorite numbers and hope for luck to shine down upon you.  So, people play keno (and also lotteries, of course) using family dates as numbers.  Some rabid sports fans know the numbers of the great players who ever played for their team going back to the 19th century.  So, these fans use their favorite players’ jersey numbers in keno.

Some people just choose numbers at random.  The RNG does, so why shouldn’t they?

Here is the point: after a player chooses their numbers, the “big drawing” takes place immediately if not sooner!  You don’t have to wait days and days to find out if you won.

And then if you choose to, you can play again!  Now, even the most tired keno player would not call the action-packed game a snoozefest!