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How to Have Even More Fun At Everygame Casino: Play Fish Catch and Banana Jones

Everygame Casino offers over 300 great online casino games designed and developed by SpinLogic Gaming, one of the most respected casino games providers. Of course, some games are more popular than others. Slots top the charts in popularity.

The 200 or more slots we offer combine with the online casino gaming format to make slots a lot more fun to play online than at a land-based casino. At a land-based casino, slots players tend to stay glued to one terminal for an interminable length of time.

We recognize that some slots players love to stay with one slot “forever” or at least until their long weekend at the casino comes to an end. We also say that being able to play a large number of slots in the same session or over the course of a few short sessions makes playing slots more fun at an online casino.

Games of Skill Have a Burgeoning Fan Base

The two most popular games of skill are blackjack and video poker. The return to player rates for these games are almost 100%. Gamers can play either of these games for long stretches of time and their bankroll will likely be very similar to what it was when they started playing.

Especially in the corona virus era, when so many land-based casinos were closed temporarily, many have not yet reopened, some have reopened but with very reduced blackjack table and slots and video poker terminals, in order to facilitate good social distancing, online gaming has grown massively and as much as slots play has increased, online blackjack and video poker have also increased.

We think that a lot of former land-based casino gamers “discovered” blackjack and video poker at Everygame Casino because they had never really played these games at land-based casinos owing to the aforementioned “need” to hoard their slots terminal ad infinitum.

There are Unsung Games at Everygame Casino

For the rest of this article, we would like to talk about two very unsung games on offer here: Fish Catch and Banana Jones. As much as slots, blackjack, video poker, baccarat, Caribbean Poker, and all the other great games we offer, it seems that these two games get a lot less attention than they deserve.

So, hats off to Fish Catch and Banana Jones.

Fish Catch

This game is played underwater in an aquatic world teeming with fish. Four people can play Fish Catch at the same time so you might be playing with or against a player from a land far away. The idea is to shoot marine guns at 20 different species of fish. There are six guns to choose from as well.

You choose the fish you want to shoot for and the gun (or cannon) you want to use. The points you rack up are based on the value of the fish you shoot, the gun you used to shoot those fish, and the multiplier attached to that specific gun.


Each fish also has a given strength. The stronger fish pay more but almost always take several shots to bring them down. A net closes in on a fish when it has lost its strength and the player who shot the killing salvo gets the prize for that fish.

That’s how Catch Fish can also become a game of skill and strategy if you are playing against someone else. You could play against three other players so Fish Catch can be very strategic.

There is also a Mermaid’s Feature that triggers randomly. When you get it, a wheel spins and where it lands determines your instant prize.

Fish Catch is sometimes called a new style of slot game but we feel that it is perfectly suited for the Specialty Games section. It doesn’t really resemble a slot in any way. It doesn’t have reels, wild symbols, or scatter symbols. It most resembles those carnival games where a player shoots an air gun at moving figures.

Just as the carnival fellow might impress his girlfriend by shooting down a number of moving critters, you might impress your significant other by playing Fish Catch all curled up together romantically on the sofa!

Another reason Fish Catch belongs in the Specialty Games section is because it doesn’t have any jackpots to speak of. As such, it is more of an interlude game. Still, it is loads of fun and does have a 95% return to player rate. You can meet people from all over playing Fish Catch as well.

Banana Jones

Banana Jones is a take-off on the Indiana Jones movies. Our hero is little Banana Jones who is looking for the Crystal Banana will the intention of taking it to a museum “where it belongs”. The intro to Banana Jones the game is our hero piloting a little prop plane in the jungle.

He is on his way to fetch the Crystal Banana but he crashes the plane and now must make the long trek to the Temple where the Crystal Banana is “sitting” waiting for a hero to rescue her and take her to a wonderful museum where people from near and far can gaze upon her crystal beauty forever.

Such romance!

Banana has to fend off his arch-enemy Leopold the Leopard who is also after the Crystal Banana but not to take it to a museum. We can expect Leopold the Leopard to want to sell the Crystal Banana where she will disappear from history atop some rich guy’s mantelpiece!

Such horror!

Along the way to the Temple, Ol’ Banana Jones is helped by vines that whisk him up towards the Temple and is seriously hindered by nasty, hissing snakes. When he encounters a snake he has to slither down the slimy snake and find himself further from his goal than ever!

Also along the way to the Temple, Banana may encounter a Treasure Wheel which will give you, his intrepid guide and aide de camp a nice win if you get lucky.

If you and Banana succeed in getting to the Temple, you will enter the realm of the Crystal Banana Quest. While Banana is getting the Crystal banana ready for its trip to the museum, you get to open chests after chest. The chests contain plums, apples, bananas, grapes, and pears. As you continue to open chest, each fruit will register on the Counter.

You will receive the prize connected with that particular fruit when you fill the Counter with that fruit.

Such deliciousness!

Make sure you have plenty of succulent fruit on hand when you play Banana Jones because you will surely want a juicy morsel after the Crystal Banana Quest!

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Fish Catch and Banana Jones are also great for a few minutes interlude during your otherwise very busy day as you can play them on your mobile device.

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