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It’s action week at Everygame Casino! We have prepared a special blog post with everything you ever wanted to know about action heroes and action movies - coming with an explosive bonus at the end!

Lights, camera, action! And in this case, lots and lots of action. Who doesn’t like a good, kick-ass action movie? Blockbuster action films packed with tons of explosions, drama and special effects have left their mark on cinema history. But there is plenty of love for the good old low-budget films, which make up for the lack of money with impressive stunt work, amazing fights and well-written plots.

How was one of the most famous genres in cinema created? What was the first action movie? Who were the first action movie stars and the first action heroes? Everygame will undertake a risky mission and dive deep into the history of action heroes. Our goal is simple: to capture an exclusive bonus at the end of the mission. Are you up for the task?

The Kick-Ass History of Action Films

In 1903, the silent movie The Great Train Escape introduced a brand new genre. Thanks to some innovative camera work, as well as its use of violence, The Great Train Escape is considered the first-ever action film.

The swashbuckler films from the 1920s were the first to consistently venture into the action segment. While the term originally referred to a poorly skilled swordfighter, the swashbuckler genre managed to change that image. Douglas Fairbank, the superstar Hollywood actor, became its most well-known name and arguably the first proper action star. Fairbanks acted in famous swashbuckler films like The Mark of Zorro (1920), Robin Hood (1922), The Thief of Baghdad (1924) and The Black Pirate (1926).

Fast forward a few years, starting from the later 20s and all the way to the 60s. The action genre took a new form, with war and cowboy films rising to the top. Superstars like John Wayne, Gary Wood and Clint Eastwood became synonymous with the action genre. Also in the 60s, the success of the James Bond series added another staple to action films: the do-it-all hero.

In the 70s, the lone wolf, and vigilante hero became the norm for action films. Eastwood also found success, along with other famous names like Charles Bronson. The 70s also saw the rise of martial artists following the success of Bruce Lee’s The Big Boss. Chuck Norris and Lee’s fellow Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan also rose to fame during that time.

Moving on to the 80s, the one-man-army, killing machines like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator and Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo were made possible by the massive budgets. Action films now featured massive explosions and some absurd, borderline impossible situations, which also became staples of the genre. In the 90s and 2000s, action films became known for blockbusters with lots of explosions, CGI and choreographed fights - borrowing elements from all their predecessors. Vin Diesel, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Tom Cruise, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Bruce Willis were some of the new action stars introduced.

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