St. Patrick’s Day Bonus

It’s finally St. Paddy's! Pour yourself a pint and join us at Everygame Casino to celebrate. Visit our blog and claim an exclusive St. Patrick’s Day casino bonus!

Time for one of the world’s most popular celebrations! It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and Everygame is ready to join in on the fun. In order to mark the occasion, we have prepared a blog post telling more about St. Paddy’s traditions and fun facts. Of course, there is also a special St. Patrick’s Day casino bonus waiting for you at the end of this post.

St. Patrick’s Day Traditions and Fun Facts

Most people believe that the first St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the US happened in 1737 when the first-ever St. Paddy’s parade was held in Boston. But it actually took place well before that. The first St. Patrick’s Day in America actually happened in St. Augustine, Florida, back in 1600!

Over time, the Irish Americans established their own, new traditions inspired by some old ones. While many consider corned beef with a side of cabbage the quintessential St. Paddy’s dish, it is more of an Irish-American creation. Cabbage is a staple of Irish cuisine, while corned beef was added later by Irish immigrants as an alternative to the more expensive meat cuts.

Of course, we can’t really talk about St. Patrick’s without pouring a pint. Beer sales skyrocket during this time of the year, going up 150%. But one brand, in particular, enjoys an even greater increase. We are obviously talking about Guinness, which is almost synonymous with St. Paddy’s. According to its most recent report, from 2018, Guinness sales go up an astronomical 819% during St. Patrick's Day!

Green is the official St. Patrick’s Day color, but did you know it wasn’t always the case? St. Patrick was originally associated with blue. Following the rise of Irish nationalism during the 17th century, however, St. Paddy’s became associated with green. It drew inspiration from the shamrock, one of Ireland’s most famous symbols. According to legend, St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity.

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The Bonus at the End of the Rainbow

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