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Everygame Casino Takes a Fresh Look at the Basics of Blackjack Strategy

Tips for Getting Better at Blackjack

In blackjack, you will come very close to a break even point in any session if you play with the best strategy on every hand.  There are winning streaks and losing streaks in blackjack as in any game.  Everyone feels great when they are in a winning streak.  A losing streak is a different animal altogether.  Many players abandon good strategy during a losing streak.  Everygame EU would like to share a few thoughts and insights on how best to handle the pressures of playing a game of skill.

Let’s take a closer look at a few difficult blackjack moments to see what players should do, what some do especially in a losing streak, and why they abandon the best strategy.

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How to Get Down with the Easter Season: Play Mardi Gras Magic

Celebrate and Play Mardi Gras Magic at Everygame Casino

One of the many reasons we use the expert teams at Real Time Gaming to provide all of the games on offer here at Everygame Casino is that they come out with new slots every month.  What a show of imaginative creativity that is!  We are approaching Easter.  That means that the Lenten month will be upon us soon.  And since Catholics choose to do without some things “for Lent” they have a wild party beforehand!

They call that party Mardi Gras which is French.  Mardi Gras was first celebrated in North America in the French territories with their center in New Orleans.  Ergo, the French name for this wild celebration!

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What is the Best Strategy for Caribbean Poker?

How to Play Caribbean Poker for the Most Fun and Profit

Everygame Casino carries two Caribbean poker variations: Caribbean Stud Poker and Caribbean Holdem.   These variations of poker were developed at land-based casinos in the Caribbean, ergo their names.  In both variations, you play against the dealer which means playing against the house.  There is no bluffing and, if you play this game at a land-based casino, you can win the hand against the dealer even if you have a hand that is inferior to another player’s hand.

You play the Caribbean Poker variations against the dealer!

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What Role Do Online Casinos Play in the New Normal?

How to Find Your Way in the New Normal

We seem to be entering a new era in the way most people live.  Some have already begun calling it the New Normal.  We at Everygame Casino are always on top of new developments in everything to do with casino gaming from technology to lifestyle developments.  So, we ask: What role will online casino games play in the New Normal?

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Cooking and Gaming at Everygame Casino are a Great Combination

How to Use Cooking to Time You Gaming Sessions

Everygame Casno is the most established casino online!  We offer you over 300 great games and a long list of online casino promotions in which we give you money and free spins.  We also give out free advice on a regular basis.  To that end, we will use the excellent activity of home cooking to demonstrate how simple it is not only to cook for yourself, your family, and your friends but to time your gaming along with your cooking.

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What are the Newest Promotions at Everygame Casino?

How to Get the Most from Gaming with Everygame Promotions

Everygame Casino is the home to over 300 great online games.  As much as we talk about the games, we sometimes overlook the promotions.  So, let’s take a look at the promotions now on offer here at Everygame Casino.

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Helpful Food Management Tips from Everygame Casino

How to Manage Food and Drink while Gaming Online

We have spoken more than a few times about the importance of time and money management while playing the large selection of great online games here at Everygame Casino.  By now, it should be obvious to every gamer that time and money management are extremely important in casino gaming as they are in so many aspects of everyday life.

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What will Gaming be Like when Land-based Casinos Reopen?

How to Decide about Staying with Everygame or Going Back to Land-based Casinos

The virus crisis is slowly winding down and that means that a lot of land-based casinos that had been closed because of the virus will now be reopening.  This puts some gamers in a quandary of sorts: to stay gaming at their favorite online casino which in many cases is Everygame Casino or to venture forth to a land-based casino.

Let’s try to peel away the pros and cons of going back to a land-based casino.

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What are the Characteristics of Top Blackjack Players?

How to Become a Great Blackjack Player by Working on the Peripherals

Everyone knows that blackjack and video poker are the top two games of skill at Everygame Casino online.  A lot of gamers like to play baccarat, Caribbean poker, three card rummy, and other games as well.  Blackjack players also know that as a game of skill blackjack has characteristics that are different than the characteristics of slots, roulette, craps, and even Banana Jones to name a few games of chance.

For many gamers at Everygame Casino, the online casino no deposit bonus keep what you win casino, blackjack is a welcome respite from the games of chance. Still, the more often gamers play blackjack, the more they tend to like it.  Here are some ideas for making one a better blackjack player.

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What Can Gamers Expect at Everygame Casino?

What Happens after You Get Your Everygame Casino Login?

When a gamer joins Everygame Casino, we give him or her an Everygame Casino login.  The login is your personal gateway to the wonderful world of gaming available at Everygame!  If you are already a member of the Everygame family, you know what we mean when we speak about the wonderful world of gaming at Everygame.

The question most new gamers ask is: What kind of gaming experience can I expect after I join Everygame Casino?  In this article, we will answer that question.

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