Caribbean Hold'em Poker

Caribbean Hold'em Poker at Everygame Casino is in general like Texas Hold'em, but with a twist. The basics of Hold'em are all here in that you're dealt two cards and can use five community cards to put together your best-possible hand.

To an extent, the better your hand is, the greater the potential for you to win. But crucially, and similar to Blackjack, it's good enough if you just beat the Dealer, irrespective of it being a great hand or not.

But let's start with the basics of Caribbean Hold'em Poker: Even before you're dealt your cards, you have to put down the ante.

You're dealt two cards, the Dealer is dealt two cards. Yours are face up, the Dealer's are face down. The Dealer will also lay down the first three community cards- the flop- face up.

It's now your choice at Caribbean Hold'em Poker as to whether you want to play or fold. Folding means you lose your ante without even knowing what the dealer had, playing means you have to double up on your ante to keep on going. The last two community cards, known as the turn and the river, are now revealed.

Caribbean Hold'em Poker Screenshot

The first question is: does the dealer have at least a pair of fours using his cards and the community ones in order to ‘qualify'? If he doesn't, then you'll automatically win the stake of your ante bet and the second bet (double the stake of the ante), pushes. In other words, you get your money back.

If the dealer does have at least two fours then he ‘qualifies' and it goes to a showdown of who has the best hand using normal Hold'em rules. If he qualifies and beats your hand, you lose both your bets. If he qualifies and you beat him, you win both your bets. If you have the exact same hand, both bets push. But the stronger your hand, the more you can win

Like all 'Caribbean' games, there's a Progressive Jackpot in play at Caribbean Hold'em Poker. You'll have to pay a nominal amount to make yourself eligible for it. You need to place a side bet in the progressive jackpot zone to be in with a chance of winning a chunk of the prize pool. If using your first five cards (the two you were dealt, plus the first three community cards) you get a flush or higher, this is what you win:

A flush returns $75; full house gets $100; four-of-a-kind wins $500; 10% of the pool is won with a straight flush, and the entire progressive jackpot is claimed with a royal flush.

Get on it today to test your poker skills at the Caribbean Hold'em Poker table, and go for the progressive jackpot.