Penguin Palooza slot

Free games with multipliers up to 5x on every spin
Up to 3 re-spins with locked scatters in place
Top prize of 50,000x your bet







It’s a polar party at Everygame Casino - and you are invited! Plunge in and join the fun with our Penguin Palooza slot game! 

If you love these adorable birds, then you absolutely can’t miss out on this one. With lots of penguins filling the reels, you are going to have quite a few chances to score plenty of big wins. How about some penguin trivia? There are between 17 and 19 different penguin species - scientists have yet to come to a consensus here. The Rockhopper penguin has three different subspecies. While some argue that all three should be considered different species, other scientists believe that all three subspecies should be grouped under the same umbrella.

All penguin species are native to the southern hemisphere, with the Humboldt penguin being the only species to occasionally venture north of the Equator. However, this doesn’t mean that penguins are restricted to Antarctic regions, as some species actually prefer warmer waters.

Penguins have been around for 62 million years. The colossus penguin, one of these ancient birds, could measure up to 6.6 ft and weigh up to 256 lbs! For comparison, the emperor penguin, which is the largest living penguin species, is approximately 4 ft tall. Penguins are flightless birds, as their wings consist of rigid bones to help them swim.

Another fun fact: penguins are monogamous, which is quite rare in the animal kingdom. And they also have some interesting behaviors. Adult penguins will happily lend a “helping flipper” and form crèches to look after a group of chicks while their parents are away hunting for food. These birds are truly fascinating!

Penguin Palooza screenshot

Cool down & win big in our Penguin Palooza slot

  • Top prize of 50,000x
  • Free games with multipliers up to 5x on every spin
  • Up to 3 re-spins with locked scatters in place

Penguin Palooza is a 5x3-reel slot with 25 fixed paylines. You will be surrounded by ice - but don’t worry: there are plenty of hot prizes to keep you warm. The ice cube wild will replace all other symbols, except for the scatters, in order to complete a winning combination.

Penguin Palooza slot has two different scatter symbols. The igloo is a regular scatter. When 3 or more show up anywhere on the reels, it will trigger the free games feature. You will be awarded 10 spins with random prize multipliers - going from 2x up to a massive 5x! Free games are played at the same line as the triggering spin.

The baby emperor penguin, meanwhile, will act as the locking scatter, showing up on reels 1 to 4. As the name suggests, this symbol will remain in place wherever it lands. If you land 2 or more, it will trigger the re-spin feature. If 2 locking scatters appear on reels 1 to 2 (always left to right), the reels will be locked in place and you will be awarded one re-spin on reels 3, 4 and 5. If 3 locking scatters show up on reels 1 to 3, you will get 2 re-spins on reels 4 and 5. If 4 locking scatters show up on reels 1 to 4, you will get 3 re-spins on reel 5. Any locking scatters that appears on the reels during the re-spin will reset the count accordingly, which means you could get additional chances. Once 5 locking scatters appear on the reels, the re-spins automatically stop.

Ready to take part in this cool adventure? Come and join the huddle in our Penguin Palooza slot game at Everygame Casino!