Warrior Conquest slot

3x3 game with 27 ways to win
Multi-Reels Feature expands up to 6x3
+ 729 ways to win




27+ WAYS



A world of riches is here for you to conquer it. Release your inner hero and claim your spoils in the Warrior Conquest slot game at Everygame Casino.

Expand your empire by winning prizes and get even bigger wins. It’s time for you to make history at Everygame Casino!

Warrior Conquest will place you on a 3x3 battlefield with 27 ways to win. And this is where things get really interesting: unlike your average slot, the grid changes as you win. Here is what happens: every time you score a winning combination, the game adds an extra reel. That’s how the exclusive Multi-Reels Feature works.

Check out some of the features that will help you in this quest for glory.

Warrior Conquest screenshot

Battle your way to big wins in Warrior Conquest slot

  • 3x3 AWP game with 27+ ways to win
  • Multi-Reels Feature expands the grid up to 6x3 + 729 ways to win
  • Win from 10 up to 25 free games

Much like a warrior conquering and expanding his territory after each successful campaign, you will keep adding reels with each consecutive win. Whenever you score a winning combination, Warrior Conquest adds a reel to the right side of the gameboard and awards you a re-spin. If you also win the re-spin, then another reel will be added to the right side and you will get another re-spin. The reels will continue expanding until the gameboard becomes a 6x3 grid, with 729 ways to win. While you can keep retriggering the re-spin, the game won’t add any reels to the board.

The feature resets once there are no re-spins left. When that happens, the board goes back to the initial 3x3 format with 27 ways to win. Of course, the feature is retriggered whenever you land on a winning combination, allowing you to expand and conquest new territories.

But don’t put your warring spirit to rest just yet. The Warrior Conquest slot has another special feature to bring even further riches to your ever-expanding Empire. If 3 or more scatter symbols appear, the game will trigger the free games feature.

Just as in most slots, Warrior Conquest has one scatter symbol per reel. And it means that whenever the Multi-Reels Feature gets triggered, another scatter is added to the game, increasing your chances of winning free spins. You can also win additional free spins depending on the number of triggering scatters: 3 scatters will award you 10 free games, while 4 scatters reward 15 free games, 5 scatters award 20 free games and all 6 scatters award a maximum of 25 free spins.

The Multi-Reels Feature will remain active during the free games. In other words, every win you score will award a re-spin and expand the gameboard. Free games can also be retriggered. You could end up with a very long streak of free and re-spins depending on how well these extra rounds go!

Are you ready to conquer glory and plenty of prizes in our Warrior Conquest slot? Don’t miss out on this chance and come to Everygame Casino!