Big Cat Links

Oversized symbols
Super Grand Jackpot & random jackpots
Fortune Link Feature







Time to let out your inner lion at Everygame Casino! The Big Cat Links slot game has some incredible prizes and some of the wildest features in our game portfolio.

Lions are the second-largest cats in the world, with tigers being the largest. An adult lion can measure up to 8ft in body length, and weigh up to 690 lbs. Naturally, these measurements make the lion an apex predator. And because of this, it also plays a key role in keeping the local ecosystems well-balanced.

Unfortunately, lions have been hunted to near extinction. Originally, lions were spread across most of Asia, Africa, and the Balkans. Modern lion populations are restricted to Sub-Saharan Africa, and their numbers continue to decline: the number of lions in the wild has declined by 75% over the last 50 years, dropping to around 20,000 individuals. Several conservation efforts have already been established to try and preserve these big felines in the wild.

Did you know that lions are also associated with luck in Chinese culture? The lion dance is a traditional new year ceremony in which two dancers dress up as a large, dragon-like lion. In the lion dance, letting the lion bite your head is said to bring good luck!

Big Cat Links is a 5-reel, 50-payline slot packed with special symbols and features. Time to score some ferocious wins by making the best use of what this slot has to offer! Check out some of the amazing features:

Big Cat Links screenshot

Big winnings await in Big Cat Links

  • Oversized symbols
  • Fortune Link Feature with re-spins
  • Super Grand Jackpot & random jackpots

Let’s start things off with the Wild. In Big Cat Links, the Wild will, like any other regular Wild, substitute for other symbols to complete a winning combination. However, it cannot act as a substitute for the Scatter or the special Coin symbol.

This slot’s name isn’t just for show. Big Cat Links does indeed have some, well, big cats. The lion and the lioness can also appear as 3x3 and 2x2 oversized symbols. These symbols can occupy 9 and 4 positions on the board, respectively, which will significantly increase your chances of winning! One or more oversized symbols can show up during a spin.

Next comes the Fortune Link Feature. When six or more Coin symbols appear anywhere in the reels, they will remain in place and trigger a re-spin. If another Coin symbol appears, it will also be locked in place and trigger another re-spin. The feature continues until no new Coin symbols appear. You are then awarded the payout according to the number of Coins. If all 15 positions get filled with Coins, you win the Super Grand Jackpot!

Last but definitely not least comes the Scatter symbol. When three or more Scatters appear anywhere on the board, you will be awarded free games. If three Scatters appear, you will get 10 free games. Four Scatters will award you with 15 free games while landing on all five Scatters will award you with the maximum of 20 free games.

Ready to unleash your inner beast and score some wild wins at Everygame Casino?