Mega Monster

Sliding Reels Feature
Expanded Reels & Extra Wilds
Wild Multipliers Feature







Monsters of all persuasions are out in force in the new Mega Monster slot at Everygame Casino. These little scallywags are not scary, not by a long shot. With the right combination of creatures Frankie, Wolfie and Vampirella can pay out a lot – up to 50,000 x the line bet to be precise.

Everygame Casino may be the launching pad of SpinLogic Gaming’s 5-reel and 20-payline creation but it is not exclusive monster territory. Look carefully and there are shapeshifters and mythical creatures everywhere – in far-off crumbling castles, dark dank caves, eerie graveyards and even under your bed!

Some are large, lofty behemoths featuring a mishmash of body parts collected at graveyards and slaughterhouses. The best of them have flat heads, green-tinged skin and electrical bolts skewered through their necks. They are the precursors of Frankie and the progeny of Mary Shelley’s fertile imagination.

Play Mega Monster online slot at Everygame Casino and there is no need to shriek and hide. The diminutive version of Frankenstein’s creature is as gentle as can be. He even beams widely as he unlocks money on the reels!

Then there is Wolfie. He is the glowering fanged offspring of werewolves. Legend has it that it takes garlic or a silver bullet to subdue the beast. Leave him to his own devices and he can pay out a whack.

As for Vampirella? She is the glamorous doe-eyed vampire. Her coven includes luminaries like Lestat de Lioncourt, Count Dracula and Edward Culler. Along with her toothsome mates, she loves to sup on the blood of players… like you!

Drop matching monsters at least three times on the grid and what do you get? A flood of money gushing directly into your Everygame Casino Red account! Now that is boo-tiful!

Mega Monster

Mega winnings in Mega Monster

  • Sliding Reels Feature
  • Wild Multipliers Feature
  • Expanded Reels & Extra Wilds

Mega Monster is a monster of a slot in more ways than one. Yep, the 50,000 x top prize is monstrous. What is even more substantial is the number of bonus features in play. That gives all the players at Everygame Casino an equal chance of hitting a mega payday… for FREE! Besides the extra ways to win, there is a conventional wild symbol to maximize the payout rate. The wild’s job is to complete paying patterns as the de facto joker on the game board.

Shapeshift across to the features and they are all equally rewarding. These potential money-spinners are activated at random. They are live during both the base game and free games. Unlock the Sliding Reels feature and our friend Frankie is the wild symbol. Reels 2 to 5 slide one position to the left and the first reel slots into the fifth position. Prior to every new slide, winning combinations are paid out. The action recurs until the reels have returned to their original position!

How about the Wild Multipliers feature in the Mega Monster slot? How does that work? Well, first off Vampirella is wild. She drops onto the grid with a high frequency to boost your chances of winning. When you do win, you do not get the standard payouts. Heck no! Prizes are pumped up by random multiplier values ranging from 2 x to 5 x. What that means is you can get at least double the money on every spin. Sweet!

As for the Expanded Reels feature? It is the stuff of magic. When it triggers, the 5 x 3 game board explodes into a 5 x 4 reel set with 40 paylines. Besides a bigger grid, there are loads of extra wilds to ramp up the payback percentage!

The big hurrah in Mega Monster slot machine is the scatter-activated free games feature. In this bonus round you not only get 10 free games. You get to pick one of the random features or a mix of all three!

Imagine getting free spins with sliding reels, prize multipliers, expanding reels and extra wilds? At Everygame Casino Red that is a distinct possibility – hit the Mega Monster game tile, and play for real!