Pyramid Pets

50,000x top award
Cascading Wins Feature
Pharaoh Multiplier Feature







Heavily adorned pharaonic creatures take top billing in the Pyramid Pets online slot at Everygame Casino.

Throw in recurring wins on every spin and multipliers that increase in value and what have you got? A 5x3 game that is destined for big things!

Our sleekly functional gaming platform may be the new home to a dazzling menagerie. That does not detract from the fact that cats, dogs and even birds were VIPs in Ancient Egypt. Pyramid Pets were so revered they were draped in more gold and jewellery than a sultan or princess!

Cats, in particular, were considered divine felines. They evolved from pest controllers to deities in their right. Bastet, the daughter of the great gods Ra and Isis is depicted as a cat. Meow!

As for dogs, they were key companions, guardians, and helpers in the hunt. Even in the afterlife dogs were believed to guide and support humans. They may not feature in the pantheon of the gods, but they were honoured and loved, nonetheless.

In the land of the Nile birds were symbols of regeneration, fertility, and joy. In fact, no other creature has appeared so frequently in Ancient and Modern Egyptian art. Raptors like the falcon are iconic motifs that appear in ancient tombs.

The god Horus is portrayed with the head of the falcon. Thoth, the god of wisdom, has the head of an Ibis. The goddess Nekhbet takes the form of a vulture with open wings ready to protect the kings and queens of Upper Egypt.

How about the collection of Pyramid Pets at Everygame Casino? Do they represent gods and goddesses? Nope but when you drop them in matching patterns on the grid you get paid out in filthy lucre! That is a fact!

Pyramid Pets

Multi-Features in Pyramid Pets

  • 50,000x top award
  • Cascading Wins Feature
  • Pharaoh Multiplier Feature

The Pyramid Pets online slot features anime creatures with humungous eyes. It also offers sweet cash prizes that culminate in a top payout of 50,000x the line bet. Who would want a slice of that? We are guessing EVERYONE at Everygame Casino Red!

Along with matching game tiles on the grid in the regular way, there is a wild symbol embedded in the game. Its job is to complete paying patterns as an all-round symbol substitute. Here is the good news all you gamers at Everygame Casino. The wild exhibits a high hit frequency – and that means more money is destined to come your way!

What is the signature feature in Pyramid Pets slot machine? It is SpinLogic Gaming’s iconic cascading wins. Here is how it works. Every time you hit a paying combination on the reels, the disbursement zooms into your account. The winning symbols dissolve and new set falls into place. If that generates a win, the action recurs and recurs until there are no more paying patterns on the board!

In reality that means you can win three, four or even five times on a single wager! Here is the kicker people. The initial paying permutation has a 1x multiplier. The multiplier value increases for each consecutive cascade the reels spin in. That is the Pharaoh Multiplier feature in action. If you are lucky you can get up to 5x the posted payout off a single twirl of the reels!

That is the story in the base game. Trigger the free games feature and you have essentially hit paydirt. The reason being cascading wins are part of the complimentary game rounds. So too are the escalating prize multipliers. During the 10 strong free games round the prize multiplier value starts at 3x. Any payouts generated by the first and second cascade are boosted by 6x and 9x, respectively. Get three or more back-to-back wins and you are in line for a max multiplier of 15x! Yep. That is FIFTEEN TIMES the posted payout!