Cosmic Crusade

50,000x top award
Pick feature & free games
Random jackpots







The Cosmic Crusade game at Everygame Casino is more than a simple slot. It is a space race and everyone wins! Regular prizes, hundreds of free games with booster rockets and random jackpots are all part of the action.

Don’t let NASA tell you otherwise but your mission is simple. To discover the large pink crystals in the asteroid’s core. Do that with your fellow cosmonauts in Cosmic Crusade and you will have more cash than the crystals in the Smithsonian mineral collection!

That brings us to the key question. Do space crystals exist at all? Yep! They do and in some amazing manifestations.

There are Pallasite space crystals. These bits of sharded ‘glass’ are formed at the meeting point of an asteroid’s mantle and core. We know this because they consist of a blend of metal and olivine, minerals that are found in the respective layers.

Then there are space peridot and asteroid diamonds. These are rare gemstone-quality crystals that are sought after by jewellers. They too are the progeny of asteroids but were formed by the heat and force of the impact as they crashed into Earth.

Black diamonds aren’t mined. They are similar in structure to peridot and asteroid diamonds but with one exception. They fall from the skies with meteorites. Collectively, these types of space crystals are known as infinity stones!

What is more astounding is scientists are growing crystals in space. These aren’t the kind you shape into gemstones. They are semiconductor crystals. You know? The ones that power computer chips and electronic devices.

Why propagate crystals in outer space? It has to do with microgravity and its influence on the crystals’ melt motion. Embark on a Cosmic Crusade to a galaxy far, far away, add crystal cultivation to your skills set and you could end up with a semiconductor product with zero imperfections!

Alternatively, you can play Cosmic Crusade online slot right here at Everygame Casino. That way you get to win a whack of cash – thanks to your fellow space jockeys, bots, flaming asteroids and satellites!

Cosmic Crusade

Blast off into space in Cosmic Crusade

  • 50,000x top award
  • Pick feature & free games
  • Random jackpots

Cosmic Crusade online slot is a sojourn into space. When the planets align and luck is on your side, you are light years ahead in terms of payline wins – 50,000x the bet per line to be exact. That is the x-factor. The Big Bang! It is the one element that can change your fortunes around at Everygame Casino Red!

That is not to say regular symbols can’t deliver the goods. They can. In this SpinLogic Gaming slot you get paid out for matching two identical symbols and up. Yep. That means you are in the money for a pair – and that is a good thing!

Here is an added attraction. In Cosmic Crusade slot machine planets are wild. They can appear stacked on the grid to maximize the probability of hitting one or more matching combinations. The wild is also the highest-paying symbol in the game. Drop 5-of-a-kind on the reels and your casino account is topped up by 5,000x the line bet! That is a lot!

Now to the gaming equivalent of a Red Giant. What is that? A star that gets larger and larger due to a lack of hydrogen. Play the 5 reel and 25 payline slot and there is no need to be hydrogen-deprived to WIN BIG. All you have to do is land at least 3 spaceship scatters on the reels. Do that and you are paid up to 50x the stake. Plus, you trigger the pick a planet feature and that is the portal to free games.

Depending on which planet you choose, you can trigger up to 125 free games. These are no ordinary free games. In this case, they are boosted by 10x prize multipliers. What that means is all the regular wins are generated for FREE. Better still they are automatically increased by a factor of 10! That is not the highest multiplier value in the planetary orbit. There is a 12x multiplier in-play and it is linked to 90 free games. Even the ‘lowest’ possible bonus round consists of 5 free games and all wins are doubled!

There is always a chance of the Minor or Major jackpot coming your way. What do you have to do to be in the chase? Nothing at all. Jackpots are randomly allocated after any non-winning spin! How is that for a consolation prize? It could be you who walks away with cosmic cash in your pocket!