Shelltastic Wins

Cascading wins
Symbols pay anywhere
Multipliers up to 100x







Make a splash and dive into a funtastic underwater world in the new Shelltastic Wins slot at Everygame Casino.

Recurring payouts on a single wager, free games with random multipliers: They are the standout features in Shelltastic Wins slot. Don’t get an inflated opinion but this ‘pays anywhere’ online casino game is tailor made for you!

Here is the deal. Reveal the perky little puffer fish on the grid and cash is destined to flow right into your account! If you are wondering how a puffer fish can turn on the money taps, here is the answer. That spiky little critter that is shaped like a balloon is a scatter-ling. It is the key to the only bonus round in the game!

Not everyone is as delighted about puffer fish as the legions of patrons at Everygame Casino. The reason being its bad reputation. As the principal antagonist in Shelltastic Wins online slot machine our puffed-up scatter comes across as cute, if not cuddly.

In the real world puffer fish are highly toxic. One bite of its flesh and there is a good chance you will meet your maker. There is an even better chance of instant deflation – and not of the monetary kind! Whether it is called a balloon fish, spiny porcupine fish or a plain old puffer, one thing is for sure. This odd-looking creature is best avoided – in the ocean and at the downtown sushi bar. The Japanese may serve ‘fugu’ as a delicacy but they have got the drawing and quartering down to a fine art. The rest of us probably do not know a puffer fish from a puffer jacket – and that is a fact.

What makes puffer fish unique? It is not so much its defensive inflationary technique. Nor the sharp little spines that stretch from the forehead to the rear end. It is the two razor-sharp teeth located top and bottom. This ocean-going floatie does not have a traditional fishy mouth with botoxed lips. It has a beak-like jaw that can snap just about anything in half. That is probably just as well considering the puffers’ penchant for predating on hard-shelled mollusks and crustaceans. In the days of yore, Pacific islanders would catch fully inflated and be-spined puffer fish and fashion them into combat helmets. Today, they are the favorites in private aquariums and on the reels of online casino games like SpinLogic Gaming’s Shelltastic Wins slot.

Are you ready to inflate the balance in your account? Is angling – for fish and for money – among your long list of competencies? Here are the funtastic features:

Shelltastic Wins

Make a splash in Shelltastic Wins

  • Cascading wins
  • Bonus Bet + Buy Feature
  • Multipliers up to 100x

Shelltastic Wins is no ordinary slot game. It is devoid of paylines or pay ways. Winnings are liberally doled out for dropping clusters of symbols anywhere on the game board. What is more, symbols do not have to appear on adjacent reels to deliver the goods.

Unlike the usual titles in the online slots genre, Shelltastic Wins pays for 8 matching regular symbols and up. Once a wining combination is paid out, it disappears in an explosion of bubbles.

A new set of symbols fall into position. If that forms a win, it is precisely the same sequence all over again. That is the cascading wins feature in action. Payouts accrue until there are no more paying permutations on the grid! When you consider regular symbols generate between 40x and 1,000x for a cluster of 12 symbols and up, there is clearly plenty of cash concealed on the grid.

Trigger the free games feature and your Everygame Casino account is almost guaranteed a fillip. Here is why. Our friendly little puffer fish is the free games trigger. It is also the top paying symbol in the game. If you are lucky you will hit a shoal of 6 and bank 2,000x. Drop 4 or more and you instantly awarded 10 free games. Plus, you are paid out according to the pay table. During the free games the Cascading wins feature is active.

There is also the chance of dropping one or more random multipliers ranging from 2x through to 100x on the reels. When that happens, the values are tallied together and applied to the win. You are also award 5 extra free games when 3 or more puffers appear onscreen. Thanks to the multiplier effect, the free games feature is where the top 50,000x award can become a reel reality. It could easily be yours.

Now for the kicker. When you play Shelltastic Wins slot machine at Everygame Casino you do not have to wait for the free games feature to trigger. You can buy the bonus for a flat fee of 100x your wager.

Alternatively, you can increase the probability of the scatter appearing on the game board. All you have to do is activate the Bonus Bet function. Your wager will increase by 25x along with the odds of unlocking free games as you normally would! That’s a wrap!