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The Ace in the Hole at Everygame Casino is Fun

Everygame Casino Invites You To Play Your Cards Right

English is the most flexible and inclusive language in the world.  It easily adopts words from any language it comes in contact with.  For example, a pajama was a thin garment that men on the Indian sub-continent wore during the day in public to combat the oppressive heat.  British soldiers adopted the pajama as sleepwear.

The medical bandage material we call gauze originally came from the Gaza Strip.  The name Gaza is unpronounceable to English speakers as it is a g-like sound that is uttered deep in the throat.  So, English speakers called the land area Gaza.

Although English is ostensibly a Germanic language, it has adopted many French words.  That could be a good topic of conversation the next time you rendezvous with friends at a favorite restaurant!

So, it should not surprise us that English has many words and terms that derive from gambling, card games, and poker.  since we always say that online casino gaming should be entertaining above all else, we hope you keep some of these words and terms in mind the next time you curl up with your mobile device at Everygame Casino.

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Enjoy Responsible Gaming at Everygame Casino

Everygame Casino Provides a Wealth of Happy Gaming Opportunities

Let’s be honest.  A lot of people who are against letting people gamble ask: Why do people gamble?  We feel that this question has the entire matter backward.  Gambling is in our DNA.  We gamble even when we don’t realize it.  Sometimes we gamble for no good reason.  Everygame Casino is a great, safe place to spend some time pursuing what we call “controlled gambling”.

Before we get into why Everygame Online Casino is a safe place to gamble in a controlled manner, let’s explore a few ways that we gamble in our everyday lives, how land based casino gambling often removes the controlling element from our gambling, and then how online gaming at Everygame casino restores control over our gambling and turns it into a fun gaming activity.

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Everygame Casino Embraces the Generational Challenge

Apex of Online Gaming at Everygame

Every generation thinks that it is super special and that the generation that came after it is spoiled rotten.  This is true in spades for baby boomers and millennials.  Everygame Casino began during the beginning of the millennial era in 1996.  We were the first online casino for many baby boomers and now enjoy a healthy millennial gamer base.

How do we do it?

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What Everygame Casino Games are Most Relaxing?

Play Everygame Blackjack Well for Long-Lasting Good Vibes

Some gamers, when they make the move from land based casinos to Everygame Casino online, prefer to play the games of chance over the games of skill.  For these players, online casino gaming is a form of relaxation after a long day at work.  In this article, we will explain some of the value of playing blackjack, the classic game that combines luck with skill.

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What will Everygame Online Casino of the Future Look Like?

Everygame Casino Leads in Producing the Online Casino of the Future

Everygame Casino has been offering great online gaming for over twenty years.  We have seen it all!  And yet we realize that in the future there will be new developments in which we will lead the online casino business.  What are those future developments?

Read on, friends.

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11 Tips to Enhance Gaming at Everygame Casino

Can You Give Me Any Tips to Improve My Gaming Experience?

The most common tips people give about online casino gaming is which slots to play, gambling strategies, perfect betting systems, how to win all the time and many others.  We want to give you a different set of tips. 

First of all, all of our slots are fun to play!  Gambling strategies are good for games of skill but there is no real strategy in games of luck such as slots.  Finally, there are no betting systems that work!  So, here are a few different types of tips for better gaming at Everygame.

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Everygame Casino has So Much to Offer

Everygame Casino Can Take You Far

One of the most useful bits of advice we give our newer gamers at Everygame Casino, is that they should take advantage of the fact that they are playing at an online casino.  So many come to Everygame after gaming at land based casinos so they don’t think about how much more flexible Everygame Online Casino is!

At a land based casino, you become rooted to your seat because you don’t want to lose the game you’ve been playing.  At Everygame, you can’t lose your seat became we have all of the room in the universe!  So go from game to game.  Explore.  In this article, we’ll talk about some of the unique features of Everygame slots.

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What Does the Return to Player Rate Mean?

It’s Important to Understand the Return to Player Rate

There are some misconceptions regarding the return to player rate or RTP.  This term is variously called the payout rate or pay back rate.  Whichever term you read or hear, it’s the same: the percentage of money wagered that is returned to players.  At Everygame Casino, the RTP may vary from game to game but it is generally about 97%.  The RTP at Everygame is the same for the desktop casino and for Everygame mobile casino. 

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SpinLogic Gaming: An Original Game Provider

How Does SpinLogic Gaming Continue to Make Casino Gaming Fun?

There are about 150 game providers in the online casino market.  Everygame Casino is proud to bring you several hundred games developed by SpinLogic Gaming or SLG, one of the great innovators in online casino gaming.

SLG began operation in 1998, well before most online casinos existed!  SLG is known for innovation, creativity, imagination, and smooth playability.  Here is an in-depth look at SLG, our great game developer.

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What are the Most Important Tips for Online Gamers?

Six Great Tips for Online Gamers

There are many differences between playing at an online casino and playing at a land based casino.  Some are obvious such as that you never have to wait for a seat at the table or a video slot at Everygame Casino.  In this article we’ll give you a few less obvious tips that will help make your online casino gaming at Everygame even more fun.

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