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Playing Slots at Everygame Casino Helps Develop Your Creative Side

Can Slots Help Me Become More Creative?

We have more than 200 slots for you here at Everygame Casino.  Our games provider, Real Time Gaming or RTG, comes out with a new slots game every month.  We usually run a promotion based on that slot.

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Your Feedback is Very Important to Everygame Casino

Has a Player’s Feedback Ever Created a Big Change at Everygame Casino?

For us, getting your feedback is one of the most important aspects of the overall business plan here at Everygame Casino.  As much as we think hard about innovations and ideas, we know that we can’t think of everything.  Some Everygame casino promotions have come about directly as the result of players’ feedback.

In this article, we will explore two areas where your feedback helped us evaluate situations in a different way and make changes that we are confident are good for you, our gamers, and for Everygame online casino.

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Short Gaming Sessions at Everygame Casino Make the Heart Grow Fonder

Why are Short Gaming Sessions Often Better than Long Sessions?

In our opinion, and in the opinion of many managers, psychologists, and gamers, one of the biggest advantages an online casino has over any land based casino is that it is easier to manage your time well at an online casino.  You can play all the games at Everygame Casino in short gaming sessions and you can both come back the next day for more gaming and still get on with taking care of all of your other responsibilities.

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Online Casinos are a Lot More Than Just a Few Games

What Interesting Facts Can You Tell Me about Everygame Casino?

Playing at an online casino always seems seamless.  We, at Everygame Casino, hear quite often from gamers that everything appears to be so smooth, from the easy banking methods, to the many Everygame Casino promotions, to the excellent graphics, and clear mobile interface.

In this article, we’ll share some aspects of online casino gaming and operation that you might not be aware of and that might surprise you!

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Ensuring You Have the Most Fun is Our Greatest Mission at Everygame Casino

How Does Everygame Casino Keep You, the Gamer, in the Forefront?

People think of online casino gaming as merely gaming.  That is, since we talk about people playing games, there is a tendency to see online gaming as just playing games.  Since they are a pure game of chance, there is the thinking that slots are just games.  We, at Everygame Casino, have understood for a very long time that we are offering a lot more than just games.  We are actually offering a vision. 

In this article and two upcoming articles, we will talk about some of the business concepts that we use every day so that you can have the most fun playing at Everygame Casino.  Our players have the most fun playing our games when you feel that we are giving you something new and special.  

The other two ideas that we will explore at more length in upcoming articles are being innovative and always doing something that surprises customers.  Innovation means thinking outside the box and a lot more and constantly striving to be surprising is quite challenging in every business.

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Everygame Casino Has a Lot to Offer in Addition to a $5555 Welcome Package

Can You Tell Me All about Everygame Casino Saving the Welcome Package for Last?

Most reviews of an online casino begin with the Welcome Package of bonuses.  In fact, Everygame Casino recently upgraded our Welcome Package.  Still, we felt that there is a lot more to a casino online that you should know about so we will save the great, new Welcome Package from Everygame Casino for the end of this article!


Everygame Casino Has Easy-to-Read Terms and Conditions

Why is it Important for Everygame to Have Easy-to-Read Terms and Conditions?

In this article, we are going to show you how Everygame Casino goes out of its way to make the “rules” easy to understand.  In many games, following the rules is the difference between winning big or winning small.  The rules are called the “terms and conditions”.

Every casino has terms and conditions.  This includes land based as well as online casinos.  The terms and conditions are often the “same” at a land based casino or at an online casino but each type of casino has its own unique features that have to be explained.

These features are all explained in the terms and conditions.

Everygame Makes Reading the Terms and Conditions Easy

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Social Interaction is Better at Everygame Casino than at a Land Based Casino

Why is Social Interaction at Land Based Casinos Less than Meets the Eye?

Everygame Casino provides all of our online gamers with over 300 excellent games in many different categories.  That means that you can have hundreds of hours of fun going from game to game or staying with a few favorites.  One of the interesting sidelights of casino gaming is that many players like the camaraderie they get when playing.

It is a bit harder to have social interactions when you’re playing online casino games.  We recognize that social interaction is a part of the overall fun you can have here at Everygame Casino.

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Great Software is the Nutrient that Keeps Everygame Casino Healthy

How Many Different Kinds of Software Does Everygame Casino Use?

There is one huge difference between an online casino and a land based casino.  At Everygame Casino, all of our games are digital.  That means that we have to use computer software to be able to bring our more than 300 online games to you.

Many of the games at a land based casino are live.  Blackjack, table poker, craps, roulette, keno, bingo, and other games are played live.  Here is one of the biggest ironies about land based casinos: as the challenge from online casinos grew, land based casinos started using digital software in their most popular games: slots and video poker.

So, whether you are a loyal gamer at Everygame Casino or you still spend all that money and time gong to a land based casino, you might be interested in knowing something about the history of digital online casino gaming.

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The Fascinating History and Mythology of Slots

How Have Slots Changed Over the Years?

Slots are still the most popular game we offer at Everygame Casino.  However, we believe that most of our modern slots players don’t know the fascinating history of the game nor do they know the myths that have surrounded slots since the game was first introduced to the public.

So, in this blog, we will tell you all about the history and mythology of slots and especially how they impact playing slots at your favorite online casino, Everygame!

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