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Every Time You Log into an Online Casino You Should Ask Yourself a Few Questions

What Should We Think about Whenever We Sit Down to Play at Everygame Casino?

Every time you use the Everygame login to access your casino account, there are a number of things you should ask yourself.  If you have asked yourself these questions in advance, then you should have the answers ready when you log into your account here at Everygame Casino.

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What Would You Do if You Won a Big Jackpot?

Several Good Tips for the Lucky Gamers who Win a Massive Jackpot

In some ways, gaming from Everygame EU is different than gaming from Everygame Casino in the United States, in Asia, or wherever the loyal Everygame Casino gamers live.  While Europe is home to tens of millions of people, it is a travel destination for tens of millions more people every year! 

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Great Bonuses and Free Spins for the Everygame Vegas Lux new game

Vegas Lux is Our Newest Slot and We Celebrate with a Super Promotion

As you all know, Everygame Casino is a well-known and extremely popular casino online.   You might think that we wouldn’t celebrate the reopening of the Las Vegas casinos that is going on as we speak. The fact is that we welcome the challenge of competition with Las Vegas and are happy to be able to run the Vegas Lux promotion in June.

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Everygame Casino Presents a New Look at the Fundamentals of Poker

What are the Most Basic Elements of Poker?

Although we don’t list them as among our many great Everygame Casino promotions, the fact that we also offer a poker room and an online sportsbook are two “promotional” reasons why Everygame is considered a top casino online.  In this article we will try to take a non-mathematical approach to the basics of poker.

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Here are a Few Ways Land-based Casinos Will Change after the Lockdowns End

Everygame Casino Online is Still the Best Place to Play Casino Games

Physical casinos came along many decades before online casinos such as Everygame Casino opened their virtual doors for great online casino gaming.  Since players were much more familiar with physical casinos, when online casinos emerged, the internet was full of advice to gamers as to what to look for in an online casino.

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How Everyday Life is Reflected in Online Casino Side and Proposition Bets

Side Bets and Proposition Bets Add a Lot of Pepper to Online Gaming

In any good glossary of gambling or betting terms you’ll find the term proposition bets or prop bets.  In some online casino games, a prop bet will be allowed as a side bet.  Before we get into side bets in some of the games at Everygame Casino, let’s look more closely at what a prop bet might be in real life.

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Everygame Casino Advises Gamers on How to Avoid Decision Fatigue

Does Being Tired Really Change People’s Gaming Behavior?

It’s truly amazing how often we discover things that we had no idea existed while we were looking up something else.  A famous Chicago pundit from the 1950’s and for a couple of decades after that, Sydney J. Harris, actually wrote columns entitled “Things I Learned While Looking up Other Things”.

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Flexepin is Now Available at Everygame Casino for Deposits

How Does Flexepin Add Flexibility to Depositing at Everygame Casino?

Every casino online, including Everygame Casino, is forever looking for new ways to make banking at the casino easy and convenient for gamers.  We think of online casino promotions as such matters as bonuses, free spins, loyalty points, free gifts, tournaments, and so on. 

However, a promotion is meant to promote the fun side of gaming on the one hand and the casino itself on the other hand.  These are complementary motives in that gamers want to have a good time at the casino and online casinos want to do everything they can to facilitate fun at the casino; and all online casinos need any way they can to differentiate themselves from all the other casinos online!

In this context, adding Flexepin to our list of banking options is a very important step for us and for our gamers!

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Gamification at Online Casinos is about Much More than Just Games

How Does Everygame Casino Use the Concepts of Gamification?

We have used the term gamification a few times in various articles and some gamers have asked us to explain how the concept of gamification applies to an online casino.  One amazing aspect of gamification is that for all that we can find in a simple google search about it, it seems that only a handful of professionals who say they use the principles of gamification in their businesses really understand it at a deeper level!

What we discovered is that Everygame Casino and every other top online casino has been using the ideas behind gamification without realizing that we were doing so!  Therefore, we will praise ourselves a bit in this article but we are really hoping to make it clear that we have been doing it right all along.

At the end of the article, we will say a few words about land-based casinos and how well (or poorly) they have been using these concepts.

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There is a Lot to Spend Money on in the Post-Land Based Casino World

What Will We Spend Money on if We Stop Going to Land-based Casinos?

Here is an interesting idea to mull over while you’re playing some slots at Everygame Casino, the top casino online!  The idea is that after the coronavirus crisis is over and done with, and the land-based casinos open their doors once again, how many gamers will actually go back to them?

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