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Flexepin is Now Available at Everygame Casino for Deposits

How Does Flexepin Add Flexibility to Depositing at Everygame Casino?

Every casino online, including Everygame Casino, is forever looking for new ways to make banking at the casino easy and convenient for gamers.  We think of online casino promotions as such matters as bonuses, free spins, loyalty points, free gifts, tournaments, and so on. 

However, a promotion is meant to promote the fun side of gaming on the one hand and the casino itself on the other hand.  These are complementary motives in that gamers want to have a good time at the casino and online casinos want to do everything they can to facilitate fun at the casino; and all online casinos need any way they can to differentiate themselves from all the other casinos online!

In this context, adding Flexepin to our list of banking options is a very important step for us and for our gamers!

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Gamification at Online Casinos is about Much More than Just Games

How Does Everygame Casino Use the Concepts of Gamification?

We have used the term gamification a few times in various articles and some gamers have asked us to explain how the concept of gamification applies to an online casino.  One amazing aspect of gamification is that for all that we can find in a simple google search about it, it seems that only a handful of professionals who say they use the principles of gamification in their businesses really understand it at a deeper level!

What we discovered is that Everygame Casino and every other top online casino has been using the ideas behind gamification without realizing that we were doing so!  Therefore, we will praise ourselves a bit in this article but we are really hoping to make it clear that we have been doing it right all along.

At the end of the article, we will say a few words about land-based casinos and how well (or poorly) they have been using these concepts.

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There is a Lot to Spend Money on in the Post-Land Based Casino World

What Will We Spend Money on if We Stop Going to Land-based Casinos?

Here is an interesting idea to mull over while you’re playing some slots at Everygame Casino, the top casino online!  The idea is that after the coronavirus crisis is over and done with, and the land-based casinos open their doors once again, how many gamers will actually go back to them?

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Everygame Casino Explores How Life Will Change in the Post-Corona Period

Is it Possible that Life Can Ever Return to Normal?

In just a few short weeks, so many things that we once took for granted have changed in dramatic fashion.  We will talk here about activities we many of us or even all of us used to engage in that involve large crowds and how they will change after the coronavirus crisis ends.  We will touch upon new and ongoing Everygame Casino promotions as an indication of how gaming will develop in the aftermath of the massive lockdowns.

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Game On! Studies Show Positive Benefits from Gaming

Is it Really Okay to Play Games during the Lockdown?

You didn’t choose to have so much extra free time!  No driving to and from work.  No long shopping excursions.  No long evenings with family or friends.  No long luxurious evenings in nice restaurants.  Even the local sports bar is closed and there are no sports events to watch in any case! 

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The Everygame Casino Games of the Future Will Reflect the Jobs of the Future

What Jobs Await Us in the Future and What Online Games Will the People Play?

It’s time for the staff at Everygame Casino to get jiggy once again!  As we sit at home, we might contemplate what the top jobs of the next ten years might be and which online gamesthese people might enjoy playing most of all.  The stay-at-home time will no doubt end soon.  Still, many of the new gamers at Everygame Casino will stay on and paly online instead of travelling to land-based casinos.

So, it might be interesting to figure out what the next big job wave might be and what games will make the grade as well!

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Come Join the Fun during the $150,000 Wonderland Promotion at Everygame Casino

How Do I Compete in the $150,000 Wonderland Promotion?

For the entire month of May and on into June, Everygame Casino is running a massive $150,000 promotion called Wonderland.  In this promotion, players play three great slots from the huge selection of online games at Everygame Casino in friendly competition with each other!

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7 Excellent Home Remedies for Good Health

What are the Best Home Remedies We Can Use during the Lockdown?

We are still for the most part sheltering at home.  This opens up an important question: how should I treat a minor medical problem that I am sure is not the coronavirus?  Now more than ever we need home remedies that really work.   Naturally, as an online casino, we at Everygame Casino think that responsible online casino gaming is a very good “home remedy” for the shut-in blues and to calm the nerves.

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This is a Golden Opportunity to Become an Expert Sports Bettor

How Can a New Sports Bettor Make Use of the Interim in Sports Play?

The coronavirus crisis is now into its third month.  It has closed land-based casinos sending possibly hundreds of thousands of gamers to a casino online such as Everygame Casino.

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Everygame Casino Offers Four Pieces of Advice to Blackjack Players

What are the Essential Lessons to Learn about Blackjack Strategy?

There are several huge differences between playing blackjack at a land-based casino and playing at an online casino such as Everygame Casino.  One such difference involves card counting.

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